Quiz 5 Pattern II

  1. Bifurcated
    Divided into two parts
  2. Crotch
    Base of torso separating legs.
  3. Crotch Length
    A measurable distance from CF waist, around crotch base, to CB waist. Applies to draft, figure, or garment.
  4. Crotch Depth or "Rise"
    The distance from waist level to crotch level.
  5. Crotch Extension
    An extension of crotch line at cenbter front or back which covers the inner leg.
  6. Crotch Point
    End of crotch extension.
  7. Inseam
    Joining seams on inside legline.
  8. Pant Foundation
    A "working" pant pattern used as a base for other designs.
  9. Culotte
    Hangs away from abdomen and buttocks. Also has the longest Extension.
  10. Trouser
    Hangs straight from abdomen and buttocks. Has a medium extension.
  11. Slack
    Cups slightly under abdomen and buttocks. Is a tighter extention than the trouser.
  12. Jean
    Contours abdomen and buttocks. Has the tighest extenstion and fit.
  13. Pant Pitch
    A technique used to increase crotch length when crotch extension has been shortened, or to porvide additional length for figures with prominent abdomens.
  14. Pant Style
    The legline design from crotch level to pant hem.
  15. Shorts
    2" below rise
  16. Jamaica
    Between crotch and burmuda
  17. Burmuda
    Between jamaica and knee line.
  18. Pedal Pusher
    2" below knee line.
  19. Cropped
    Between pedal pusher and ankle.
  20. Capri
    1" above ankle.
  21. Image Upload 1Find and mark. CB, CF, Hipline, crotch Line, Knee line, Inseam, outseam, crotch depth, crotch ext. crotch point, crotch length, shorts, Jamaica, Burmuda, Pedal Push, Cropped, Capri.
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