P.T.C. - Heavy Equipment Operations Trade Terms Quiz (Module 3)

  1. 1. A _____ is an attachment with teeth used on motor graders to loosen soil.
  2. 2. A compacted dirt road used to move material and equipment on and off the site is known as a _____.
    Haul road
  3. 3. A(n) _____ is a device that uses fluid, usually oil, to transmit torque from one shaft to another.
    Torque converter
  4. 4. An electrical current that flows in only one direction is called _____.
    Direct current (DC)
  5. 5. _____ is the basis of hydraulic theory.
    Pascal’s law
  6. 6. A _____ tire is inflated with air.
  7. 7. Two parts connected by a joint are _____ and move independently.
  8. 8. The fluid energy of the hydraulic system is converted into mechanical energy by a _____.
    Hydraulic actuator
  9. 9. A _____ transforms the hydraulic working energy into rotary mechanical energy.
    Hydraulic pump
  10. 10. A _____ is a large bowl that is pulled by a tractor and used to spread or pick up dirt or other loose material.
  11. 11. A _____ is an attachment used by dozers, motor graders, and other machines to loosen heavily compacted soil and soft rock.
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P.T.C. - Heavy Equipment Operations Trade Terms Quiz (Module 3)
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