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  1. Ruth's mother-in-law was grieved by what circumstance?
    sons and husbands died
  2. Naomi blamed who for her grief?
  3. When do the events in the book of Ruth take place?
  4. How does Boaz keep the Torah?
    left corners of crops
  5. What opportunity does Boaz have as a kinsman-redeemer?
    Marrys Ruth, buy's Naomi's land
  6. What did Naomi want people to call her?
    mara (bitter)
  7. What is the role(s) of a prophet?
    speak, listen, warn, rescue
  8. The book of Samuel uses what phrase to describe the effectiveness of the prophet Samuel?
    "None of his words fell to the ground."
  9. Why did the Israelites want a king?
    to be like other nations
  10. After defeating the Amalekites, why did Saul set up a monument?
    to honor himself
  11. How did Saul treat worship?
    with superstition
  12. Saul showed up his disrespect for God and his own selfishness when he did not follow the Lord's instruction to totally destroy which people/nation?
  13. Which NT scripture best describes Boaz's faithfulness to the Torah?
    James 1
  14. Of the Psalms covered in class, know which are laments, royal psalms, or penitential psalms. 2, 13, 24, 32, 51, 88.
    • 2, 24 - Royal
    • 13, 88 - Lament
    • 32, 51 - Penitential
  15. The phrase "No moral authority leads to moral relativism" fits the message off which book?
  16. Which book asks the question, "Who is the king?"
    1 Samuel
  17. Which book answers the question, "Will Israel be faithful?" with a resounding "NO."
  18. Which chapter and book tells the story of the people rejecting the Lord as king?
    1 Samuel 8
  19. Why did David refuse to kill Saul when he had the chance?
    he was the Lord's annointed
  20. Saul inquired of the Lord before he went into his final battle. The Lord did NOT answer his in which ways?
    urim, dreams, prophets
  21. A medium or witch from the town of Endor helped Saul by letting him do what?
    talk to Samuel
  22. When Saul was killed, what was David's response?
    angry and grieved, killed guy who killed Saul.
  23. How was Joab related to David?
  24. How was Abashai related to David?
  25. What was Absolem related to David?
  26. How was Amnon related to David?
  27. How was Solomon related to David?
  28. How was Tamar related to David?
  29. How was Bathsheba related to David?
  30. Why did the tribes of Israel accept David?
    • winning wars
    • Lord said he would be king
    • he was their own relative
  31. In the Uriah/Bathsheba incident, what was Joab's role?
    compliant or obediant to David
  32. Who was Nathan?
    prophet talked to David about Bathsheba, not building temple
  33. What happened to David and Bathseba's first son?
    he died
  34. The story of David and Uriah's wife is about which two attitudes of David?
    pride, lust
  35. Who killed Amnon?
  36. Who killed Uriah?
  37. Who killed Abner?
  38. Who killed Shimei?
  39. Who killed Amasa?
  40. Who killed Joab?
  41. Who killed Adonijah?
  42. Which prophet anointed David?
  43. Which prophet spoke to David about the census?
  44. Which prophet confronted David regarding Uriah and his wife?
  45. Which prophet spoke to Saul even though the prophet himself was dead?
  46. Shimei and Sheba were Benjamites. So what?
    Did not like David, kin to Saul.
  47. How did Solomon disobey Deuteronomy?
    too many horses
  48. How did the building of Solomon's palace compare to the building of the temple?
    palace was better
  49. Why was Solomon's kingdom divided?
    Solomon disobeyed God by marrying foreign women.
  50. Solomon disobeyed God by marrying foreign women. What did this lead to?
    Solomon's kingdom was divided.
  51. Who would "tear the kingdom" from David's heirs?
  52. What king was the grandson of David?
  53. Was David good or bad?
  54. Was Solomon good or bad?
  55. Was Jeraboam good or bad?
  56. Was Jeraboam 2 good or bad?
  57. Was Asa good or bad?
  58. Was Ahab good or bad?
  59. Was Hoshea good or bad?
  60. Was Uzzaiah good or bad?
  61. Was Ahaz good or bad?
  62. Was Hezakiah good or bad?
  63. Was Manassah good or bad?
  64. What name means "my God saves?"
  65. What name means "my God is Yahweh?"
  66. What name means "owner."
  67. How did Elijah hear the voice of God?
    gental whisper
  68. Most of Elijah's "assignments" from God meant speaking God's word to whom?
  69. Who was the man Jezebel had killed to get his vineyard?
  70. Jehu was a good king for the most part, but not completely. What was his problem?
    he was like the first Jeraboam
  71. Elisha healed Maaman. Why what this significant in the teaching of Jesus?
    beacuse he was a gentile/foreigner
  72. Which king did God afflict with leprosy?
  73. What was the profession of Hosea's wife?
  74. What were the names and meanings of the names of Hosea's children?
    • Jezreel - God scatters
    • Lo-zohanna - not loved
    • Lo-Ami - not my people
  75. Which prophet spoke to Jeraboam 2?
  76. Which king ruled Israel when it fell to Assyria?
  77. In Hosea 6, God said he would rather have what than sacrifice?
  78. Which prophet spoke to King Hezekiah?
  79. What were good things Hezekiah did?
    • tore down idols
    • baal out
    • poles out
  80. Which Assyrian king threatened Hezekiah?
  81. In what language was that threat delivered?
  82. What was the downfall of Uzzaiah?
  83. What was the downfall of Hezekiah?
  84. What were the sins of Manasseh?
    threw sons in fire of Molech
  85. Which prophets spoke to the Northern kingdom?
    • Elijah
    • Elisha
    • Hosea
    • Amos
    • Jonah
  86. Which prophets spoke to the Southern kingdom?
    • Micah
    • Isaiah
  87. Amos claimed what about God's attitude toward the worship of Israel?
    Hated it
  88. Micah 6:6-8 declares that the Lord requires what 3 things?
    mercy, justice, and to walk humbly
  89. Micah told the people of Judah that God would punish them because they had been guilty of what?
    unjust to the poor, greedy
  90. Know the difference between prophetic hope, doom, and judgement.
    • hope is hope
    • doom is punishment
    • judgement is what they did wrong
  91. Micah accused Israel of what sins?
    unjust to poor, greedy, anything with money and greed
  92. Amos, Micah, and the Torah condemned what sin?
  93. What is the dominant metaphor describing God and his people?
    husband and wife
  94. When Matthew quotes from Isaiah 9, who is the person he has in mind that will fulfill Isaiah's prediction?
  95. Who is the person that the book of Isaiah has in mind that will fulfill the prediction of Isaiah?
  96. With whom does Ahaz form an alliance?
  97. What is Isaiah's response when he sees the Lord?
    fearful, afraid, repents
  98. In Isaiah 6, when the Lord sends Isaiah to preach, how does he describe the mission?
    tough to impossible, difficult
  99. Which of the Psalms includes the phrase, "give me an undivided heart, O Lord, that I may fear your name?"
    86, Hoshea, 2 Kings
  100. Which of the Psalms includes the phrase "give me a clean heart O God."
  101. Which of the Psalms includes the phrase "Have mercy on me O God, according to your steadfast love?"
  102. Proverbs 34
    sexy carrott, things that look good could kill you
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