Oral Board Questions

  1. Tell us about yourself
    • 38 years old
    • Married 10 years
    • 9 year old daughter and 1 year son
    • From CA. but here for 20 years (Phx is home, I even claim the Cardinals)
    • #1 Priority is always being able to take care of my little boy, little girl and wife
    • Army priority is to always remember our greatest asset is our Soldiers
  2. Why do you want to be a Training Technical
    • I enjoy training.
    • I enjoy being part of an organization that is responsible for ensuring the success of our National Guard Soldiers
    • I truly believe in the mission of the US Army and the National Guard
    • I understand there is only one standard which is the US Army Standard
    • I want to ensure the training I am part of brings credit to the Guard; so we remove the stereotype of being a typical Guard unit
    • I want a job that I want to come to work and I enjoy my work
  3. What is the job of a Training Tech
    • Serve as a subject matter expert in Training, Advisory services, Administering OJT, Operations, and Development of Training Programs
    • Operations and oversight of range operations
    • Provide technical assistance, training, and support to using Units
    • Management of firing ranges, training and bivouac areas, and training records utilizing the RFMSS and PEO-STRI
  4. What have you done to prepare for this position?
    • I have been preparing for this job for the past 4 years.
    • I believe I a great fit for this position considering:* Recent return from deployment as Operations NCOIC (174 MP’s)
    • 2 Years experience with the MTB as weapons team NCOIC
    • 1 year experience with OJS as Mobile Training Team NCOIC
    • All have extensive weapons experience consisting of planning, conducting, and evaluating training
  5. What are you bringing to the job?
    • If you have sat on boards before, you’ve heard:
    • I’m a hard worker, quick learner, I give 100%, personality to work with anyone, ect, ect.
    • All that’s me too; BUT what I’m bringing is:
    • Maturity
    • True meaning of Teamwork / Chemistry
    • The importance of being able to follow then lead
    • When in leadership position teach chemistry
    • Example of good & bad chemistry
    • The experience of being at the bottom and working my way to the top
    • Positive attitude of representing for the old dudes
    • I’m here for a career position vs. just a job and a pay check
  6. Why should we choose you over other candidates?
    • I’m not here to bad mouth any other candidates; I’m sure they are all qualified for the position and I’d be honored to work with any of them.
    • What separates me is:
    • This is personal; I take it very serious that you would choose me to be part of your team
    • I know when I’m in a good situation
    • I’m not focused on doing things for recognition, that will come with doing a good job
    • I always remember 3 rules:
    • 1) Be where I’m supposed to be, when I’m supposed to be there, with the right attitude
    • 2) Look like a Soldier
    • 3) Maintain physical fitness
  7. Strengths
    • Commitment, Loyalty, Dedication
    • Physically fit (I can hang with any of the youngsters)
    • Attention to detail; I take owner ship of my title, Supervisors can count on
    • me for mission completeness, upholding standards, and team chemistry
    • Knowing I'm not perfect
  8. Weaknesses
    • Time management for continuing pursuit of Bachelor's Degree
    • Doughnuts; terrible sweet tooth
  9. What would your employer say about you?
    Passionate about training and upholding the standard
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