CRIM1019 chapter 1-3

  1. Police - objectives
    • less crime and more safe feelings
    • maintaining public order
    • establish relationship with citizens for problem-solving partner
    • provide assistance in emergencies
    • promote road safety and traffic management
    • enforce the law
  2. Police - law enforcement
    • crime fighting
    • carried out by uniformed general officers
    • fairly limited
  3. Policing in the community
    being present at the neighborhood level
  4. Policing of the community
    task orientation
  5. Policing by the community
    community participates in policing process
  6. Policing for the community
    community interests recognised and responded to
  7. Traditional policing model
    • more powerful groups have more influence
    • community is passive
  8. Community policing model
    • co-participation
    • use of media as a too for advertising campaigns
    • recruitment of women
    • voices of minorities heard
  9. Discretion can be used in the following... (police context)
    • legislation
    • police powers
    • budgets
    • media campaigns on specific areas of criminal justice
  10. Discretion can be used in the following... (organisational)
    • specific offences being policed
    • allocation of resources
    • groups or demographics targeted
  11. Discretion can be used in the following... (Individual)
    • offences investigated
    • is the evidence sufficient to press charges?
    • decision about which charges are laid
    • way in which offender is treated (formally or informally?)
  12. Why are police so discretionary?
    • law is only a guide and is open situational interpretation
    • a consequence of limited resources
    • essential for reasons of justice and equity
  13. types of intervention for juvenile justice
    • informal caution
    • formal caution
    • interrogation
    • search
    • summons
    • arrest
    • fingerprinting
    • custody
  14. informal caution
    • issued in a casual manner at the scene
    • does not result in official record
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