med term chapter 8 cardiovascular system

  1. autonomic nervous system (ANS)
    Portion of the nervous system that regulates involuntary actions, such as hear rate, digestion and peristalsis.
  2. Leaflet
    Thin, flattened structure; term used to describe the leaf-shaped structures that compose a heart valve.
  3. lumen
    Tubular space or channel within any organ or structure of the body; space within an artery, vein, intestine, or tube.
  4. regurgitation
    Backflow or ejecting of contents through an opening
  5. sphincter
    Circular muscle found in a tubular structure or hollow organ that constricts or dilates to regulate passage of substances through its opening.
  6. vasoconstriction
    narrowing of the lume of a blood vessel that limits blod flow, usually as a result of diseases, medications, or physiological processes.
  7. vasodilation
    Wideming of the lumen of a blood vessel caused by the relaxing of the muscles of the vascular walls.
  8. viscosity
    State of being sticky or gummy

    A solution that has high viscosity is relatively thick and flows slowly.
  9. Aneurysm/o
    Widened blood vessel
  10. aneurysm/o/rrhapy
    suture of an aneurysm

    -rrhapy: suture
  11. angi/o
    vessel (usually blood or lymph)
  12. angi/o/plasty
    Surgical repair of a vessel

    -plasty: surgical repair

    Angioplasty includes any endovascular procedure that reopens narrowed blood vessels and restores blood flow.
  13. vascul/o
    vessel (usually a blood or lymph)
  14. vascul/itis
    inflammation of (blood) vessels

    -itis: inflamation
  15. aort/o
  16. aort/o/stenosis
    narrowing of the aorta

    -stenosis: narrowing, stricture
  17. arteri/o
  18. arteri/o/rrehexis
    Rupture of an artery

    -rrhexis: rupture
  19. arteriol/o
  20. arteriol/itis
    inflammation of an arteriole

    -itis: inflammation
  21. atri/o
  22. atri/o/megaly
    enlargement of the atrium

    - megaly: enlargement
  23. ather/o
    fatty plaque
  24. ather/oma
    • tumor of fatty plaque
    • -oma: tumar

    atheromas are formed when fatty plaque builds up on the inner lining of arterial walls. As calcium and other minerals are absorbed by plaque, the vessel hardens.
  25. cardi/o
  26. cardi/o/megaly
    enlargement of the heart

    -megaly: enlargement
  27. electr/o
  28. electr/o/cardi/o/gram
    record of the electrical (impulses) fo the heart

    • cardi/o: heart
    • -gram: record, recording

    An electrocardiogram is commonly used to diagnose abnormalities of the heart.
  29. embol/o
    embolus (plug)
  30. embol/ectomy
    removal of an embolus

    -ectomy: excision,removal

    An embolectomy is the removal of a clot or other foreing material from a blood vesel. most emboli are blood clots (thrombi) that have been transported from a distant vessel by the blood.
  31. hemangi/o
    blood vessel
  32. Hemangi/oma
    • tumor fo blood vessels
    • - oma : tumor
    • Infantile hemangiomas are also called birthmarks. They are not considered malignant and usually disappear over time.
  33. my/o
  34. my/o/cardi/al
    pertaining to heart muscle

    • cardi: heart
    • -al : pertaining to, relating to
  35. phleb/o

  36. phleb/ectasis
    expansion of a vein

  37. ven/o/stasis
    standing still of (blod in a ) vein/also called phlebostasis

    -stasis: standing still
  38. scler/o
    hardening;sclera (white of eye)
  39. arteri/o/scler/osis
    abnormal condition of hardening of the artery

    arteri/o: artery

    -osis:abnormal condition; increase (used primarily with blood cells)

    The common cause of arteriosclerosis is the presence of an atheroma in the vessel. other common causes include smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and familial tendency.
  40. sept/o
  41. sept/o/stomy
    forming an opening in septum

    -stomy:forming an opening (mouth)

    Septostomy is a temporary procedure performed to increase systemic oxygenation in infants with congenital heart corrective surgery can be performed.
  42. sphygm/o
  43. sphygm/oid
    (SFIG-moyd) : resembling a pulse

    -oid: resembling
  44. sten/o
    narrowing, stricture
  45. sten/o/ic
    • pertaining to a norrowing or stricture
    • -tic: pertaining to
  46. thromb/o
    blood clot
  47. thrombo/o/lysis
    destruction fo a blood clot

    -lysis: separation;destruction;loosening

    In trombolysis, enzymes that destroy blood clots are infused into the occluded vessel.
  48. ventricul/o
    ventricle (of the heart or brain)
  49. ventricula/ar
    pertaining to a ventricle (chamber of the heart or brain)

    -ar: pertaining to
  50. -gram
    record, writing
  51. arteri/o/gram
    record of an artery

    arteri/o: artery

    An arteriogram is used to visualize almost any artery, including those of the hart, head, kidneys, lungs, and other organs.
  52. -graph
    Instrument for recording
  53. electr/o/cardi/o/graph
    instrument for recording electrical (activity) of the heart

    electr/o: electricity

    cardi/o: heart
  54. - graphy
    Process of recording
  55. angi/o/graphy
    Process of recording (an image of) a vessel

    angi/o: vessel (usually blood or lymph)

    Angiography is commonly used to identify atherosclerosis and diagnose heart and peripheral vascular disease.
  56. -spyxia
  57. a/sphyxia
    without a pulse;also called suffocation


    the term asphyxia usually frefer to a death caused by anoxia
  58. -stenosis
    narrowing, stricture
  59. aort/o/stenosis
    narrowing of the aorta

    aort/o: aorta
  60. brady-
  61. brady/cardia
    slow heart (beat)

    -cardia: heart condition

    bradycardia is usually defined as a heart rate less then 55 beats per minute when resting.
  62. endo-
  63. endo/vascul/ar
    relating to (the area) within a vessel

    vascul: vessel

    -ar: pertaining to
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