Plant Biology

  1. Vascular Cambium
    • 1.Thin cylinder of initials that stretches from roots to stems of perennials, trees and a few herbaceous annuals.
    • 2.produces tissues responsible for growth in girth.
    • 3.produces new rings of growth in woody plants.
  2. Phloem-conducts dissolved sugar material throughout the plant
    • Made of:
    • Sieve tubes
    • Fiber
    • Ray cells
    • Companion cells
  3. Xylem-(goes up in the plant)conducts water and dissolves minerals to all plant organs.
    • Made of:
    • Tracheids
    • Vessels
    • Ray cells
    • Fiber
  4. Periderm-produced when, in woody plants, the epidermis is sloughed off as the outerbark begins to develop as a plant ages and develop rough bark
    • Made of:
    • Cork cells are "NOT" alive
    • Lenticels
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