fire and light

  1. to billow
    (for smoke and cloudes)
    to move slowly upwards the sky
  2. a blaze
    a large and dangerous fire
  3. to catch fire
    to start to burn
  4. to be engulfed in flames
    part of it is on fire
  5. to gut
    completely destroy everything in fire
  6. to light a fire
    to start a small fire
  7. to rage
    • to burn intensely and be out of control
    • бушевать
  8. to scorch
    surface burns - without catching fire
  9. to set fire to sth
    to deleberately start a fire in order to damage
  10. to smoulder
    to be burning but with no flames
  11. to be abaze with light
    a lot of light is coming from it
  12. in board daylight
    in the middle of the day
  13. to be dazzled
    to be unable to see
  14. to dim
    to make a light less bright
  15. to give off light
    to produce light
  16. the glare of
    the very bright and pleasant light of
  17. to gleam
    to shine brightly
  18. to glimmer
    to produce a weak, unsteady light
  19. to glisten
    sth shines because it's wet
  20. the gloom
    the darkness
  21. to glow
    to shine with a very soft, warm red light, often used for sth that is burning in the dark
  22. to be plunged into darkness
    to suddenly become very dark
  23. to burn yourself out
    to work so hard over a period of time that you too tire to work any more
  24. to come to light
    to become known
  25. that's daylight robbery
    that's reduculously expensive
  26. to be dazzled
    to be very impressed
  27. to have a fiery temper
    to get angry very quickly
  28. to flare up
    (about violence)
    • to suddenly start
    • (about violence)
  29. flashy
    expensive and showy
  30. to get on like a house on fire
    to get on very well
  31. a glowing report
    a report is full of praise
  32. a gimmer of hope
    a little bit of hope
  33. to spark off
    to cause sth to happen
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