s.s test

  1. who was involved in the whiskey rebillion and why were they protesting?What action did the government take and why was this important? be specific.
    western pennsylvania farmers were involved, they were protesting because of the tax on whiskey. Government crushed the chalange this was important becaus the people learned government would do what ever it takes to gain controle. they will do what ever they need to do.
  2. How did the administration that took office in 1797 come to have a federalist president and a republican vice president? Include the names of the president and vice president.
    they had a federalist president and a republican vice president because back then the first place winner got to be president and the person with the second amount of votes would be the vice president. the president was John adams. the vice president was Jefferson.
  3. what were the first two political parties? explain at least 3 major differences for each.
    • 1.Republicans
    • a. wanted to limit government power
    • b. they supported the french
    • c. appeled to small farmers and urban workers
    • 2. federalist
    • a. wanted a strong federal government
    • b. they admired britain and des-trusted france
    • c. favored banking and shiping intrist
  4. true or false, washington was turned down when he offered to serve three terms?
  5. True or false, many people opposed jay's treaty becaouse it allowed British soldiers to remain on american soil until 1803.
  6. The Democratic-Republicans believed in strong state governments and rule by the _________.
  7. To open to white settlement, Anthony wayne forced native American Nations from the Great Lakes region the sign the,_________________.
    Treaty of Greenvile
  8. T or F, washington expressed concern that political parties were a threat to the ability of the people in the government to work together.
  9. A person favoring one side of a political issue is ______________.
  10. t or f as memvers of washington's cabinet, hamilton and jefferson shared many of the same ideas on economic policy and foreign relations.
  11. t or f, the proclamation of neutality barred french and english warships from american ports?
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