ais exam 3

  1. segregate inventory from
  2. segregate cost accounting from
    general accounting
  3. segregate factory duties from
    production control
  4. areas included in production cycle
    • planning and scheduling
    • product design
    • cost accoutning
    • production operations
  5. bill of materials
    partnumber, description and # used of each component
  6. operations list
    sequense of steps, equipment used and duration of step
  7. mps, master productions schedule
    what, when and how much to produce based on ordes are forcasts
  8. production order
    authorized tmanufacture of a specified quantity of a product
  9. materials requisition.
    request for raw materials needed.
  10. heirarchy
    • byte
    • field
    • logical record
    • file
    • data base
  11. internal level schema
    design view of access
  12. conceptual level schema
    relations view of access
  13. external level view schema
    data sheet view of access
  14. data definition
    define fields, design view of access
  15. data manipulation
    input values in fields or add/delete/change records
  16. data query language
    sorting and pulling info from the database
  17. requirements
    • every colume is single-valued
    • primary keys cant be null (blank)
    • foreigh keys, if not null, correspond to a primary key in another table
    • all nonkey attributes in table should describe a something about the primary key
  18. data dictionary
    file that contains the structure of the data base. relates all the schemas and map is stored as the data dictionary.
  19. design process
    • system analysis
    • conceptual design
    • physical design
    • implementation and conversion
    • operation and maintenance
  20. cardinalities
    relationships between rea diagrams
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