EMB 145 Systems

  1. What is the length? (2-01-00 p. 4)
    98 ft 0 in.
  2. What is the wingspan? (2-01-00 p. 4)
    65 ft 9 in.
  3. What is the height? (2-01-00 p. 4)
    22 ft 2 in.
  4. What is the cabin height? (2-01-00 p. 8)
    6 ft 0 in.
  5. How many rows in the cabin? Exit row? (2-1-13)
    18 rows. Exit row is 12.
  6. How many static wicks are there? Where? Are any non-deferrable? (RGS)
    22 total. 1 each wingtip, 4 each aileron, 1 tailcone, 2 rudder, 4 each elevator, 1 nose wheel (non-deferrable).
  7. How many vortilons are on each wing? (RGS)
    4. They energize the air delaying tip stall and increasing aileron effectiveness.
  8. How many vortex generators each wing? (RGS)
    12 (groups of 9 & 3).
  9. What does an amber LAV light on the FA’s control panel mean? (2-02-15 p. 2)
    The FA call button in the lavatory has been pressed.
  10. What does the “PSU test” button on the FA’s control panel do? (2-02-15 p. 2)
    Tests all reading lights, attendant call lights, zone lights, & chimes.
  11. How does the airstair main door operate?(2-02-35 p. 1)
    Raised by 2 hydraulic actuators powered by hydraulic system 1 or by an accumulator (capacity for 4 complete up & down cycles).
  12. When will a “MAIN DOOR OPN” or a “SERVICE DOOR OPN” EICAS warning message be generated?(2-02-35 p. 1)
    Door open or not properly locked either in-flight, or on the ground with engine 1 running.
  13. A “BLOCKED” inscription in the FA’s cabin door button indicates what?(2-02-35 p.2)
    The main door actuator hydraulic line remains pressurized after door closing. The main door is hydraulically blocked closed.
  14. What must be done to open a hydraulically blocked cabin door? (2-02-35 p. 2)
    Turn and hold the relief valve under cockpit floor or in nose hydraulic bay for 2 min.
  15. What doors are monitored on the MFD?(2-02-40 p. 8)
    Nose avionics, control rigging, main cabin, service, refueling, overwing exits, baggage and rear electronics.
  16. DAU 1 (data acquisition unit) is primary for which systems? DAU 2? (2-04-05 p. 2)
    DAU 1: Eng 1, fwd systems (fwd elec comp) & FDR. DAU 2: Eng 2 & aft systems (rear elec comp).
  17. Which channel of the DAUs is the primary source of information for IC600-1 & 2?
    Channel A for both.(2-04-05 p. 2)
  18. What happens if channel A of a DAU fails? Channel B? Both Channels? (2-04-05 p. 2)
    Channel A fail: (QRH) Manually switch to Channel B. Channel B fail: EICAS message. Both channels: Data replaced by amber dashes
  19. What will you see if IC600-1 fails? IC600-2? Both? What will the QRH tell you to do to get all 5 displays back if 1 IC600 fails? (2-04-05 p. 4)
    • IC600-1: PFD1, MFD1, & EICAS = red X. RMU1 displays the first engine EICAS page automatically.
    • IC600-2: MFD2, PFD2 = red X
    • Both: Combination of above conditions.
    • QRH: Press appropriate SG button.
  20. Are the display tubes on the panel similar?(2-04-05 p. 6)
    Yes, all five tubes are identical and interchangeable. The lower control panel has to be switched.
  21. Where does the ISIS (or STBY instruments), PFD1, MFD1, EICAS, MFD2, PFD2, RMU1, TBCH, RMU2, IC600-1, & IC600-2 all get their power from?(2-04-05 p. 17)
    • ESS1: EICAS, RMU 1, & IC600-1
    • ESS2: ISIS (or STBY instruments), & RMU2
    • DC1: PFD1, MFD2
    • DC2: MFD1, PFD2, TBCH, & IC600-2
  22. What are the 3 IC-600 built-in tests (BIT)?(2-04-05 p. 29)
    Power-up, continuous, & pilot initiated.
  23. What is takeoff & landing inhibition logic?(2-04-10 p. 4 rev 30)
    • Takeoff: Activated at V1 -15 kt. Deactivated:
    • > 400 ft RA, CAS < 60 kt (e.g., aborted takeoff), or
    • after 1 min (e.g., RA fail).
    • Landing: Activated at 200 ft RA. Deactivated:
    • WOW + 3 s, or 1 min (e.g., go-around or WOW system inoperative).
  24. What is meant by an amber SG1 message on both PFDs? (2-04-05 p. 27)
    The FO has selected cross-side symbol generator on their reversion panel.
  25. What does an amber “MESSAGES” with a down arrow mean on the EICAS? Could they be emergency messages? (2-04-10 p. 3)
    The EICAS can only simultaneously display 15 messages. Scroll down with the knob to see remaining messages. They would be caution or advisory only.
  26. How long will a caution message blink on the EICAS before turning steady?
    Caution & warning messages must be cancelled by the crew. (2-04-10 p. 3)
  27. What does an amber “CAS MSG” on the PFD’s mean? How do you tell which message(s) are different?(2-04-10 p. 4, 15)
    • There is a difference in the messages being sent by IC600-1 & IC600-2.
    • QRH: Select EICAS on both MFDs & compare.
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