1. to blink
    quickly open and close your eyes
  2. to brush
    to go red when you are embarrassed
  3. to scowl
    to have an angry or hostile expression
  4. to sneer
    to show lack of respect
  5. to wince
    to grimace when sth is hurting
  6. to keep/have an/your ear to the ground
    to be attentive of what is happening or is about to happen
  7. to lie through the teeth
    to tell an outright lie
  8. to lose face
    to lose the respect
  9. to play it by ear
    to decide what to do according to how a situation develops
  10. to do sth by the skin of your teeth
    to only just manage to do sth
  11. to see eye to eye on sth
    to agree about sth
  12. to turn a blind eye to sth
    to agree about sth
  13. to turn your nose up at sth
    to think sth is not good enough for you
  14. not to be able to get one's tongue round
    to find a word or phrase very difficult to pronounce
  15. sth catches your eye
    your notice sth because it is particulary attractive
  16. i'm all ears
    i can't wait to hear
  17. my lips are sealed
    i will not tell ab what you have just told me
  18. i'll never be able to show my face in there/here again
    i feel too embarrssed to go to a particular place
  19. it's on the tip of my tongue
    i know it but i just can't recall it
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