Psyc 2301

  1. What is Psychology?
    The scientific study of behavior and mental process
  2. What is a Theory?
    A formulation of relationships underlying ovserved events.
  3. What is Pure Research?
    Research conducted without concern for immediate applications.
  4. What is Applied Research?
    Research conducted in an effort to find solutions to particular problems.
  5. What are Environmental Psychologists?
    They study the ways in which people and the environment influence one another.
  6. What are Experimental Psychologist?
    Specialize in basic processes such as the nervous system, sensation and perception, learning and memory, thought, motivation, and emotion.
  7. What are Industrial Psychologist?
    Focus on the relationships between people and work.
  8. What are Health Psychologist?
    They examine the wats in which behavior and attitudes are related to physical health.
  9. What are Sport Psychologist?
    They help improve their proformance in sports.
  10. What are Forensic Psychologist?
    They apply principles of psychology to the criminal justice system.
  11. What is Psychoanalysis?
    • It emphasizes the importance of unconscious movties and conflicts as determinants of human behavior.
    • FRUED**
  12. What is Psychodynamic?
    • It proposes that the motion of underlying forces of personality determines our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
    • FREUD***
  13. What is Structuralism?
    the attempt to break conscious experience down into objective sensations. It argues that the mind consists of three basic elements- sensation, feeling, and images- that combine to form experience.
  14. What is Functionalism?
    Functionalism focused on behavior in addition to the mind or consciousness. It emphasizes the uses or functions of the mind rather than the elements of experience.
  15. What is Behaviorism?
    focused on learning ovservable behavior. It is abservable behavior and studies relationships between stimuli and responses.
  16. What is Reinforcement?
    A stimulus that follows a response and increases the frequency of the response.
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