1. Outlier Population
    exists outside their normal range
  2. What affects did out historic British legacy have on our ability to protect NYS rare plants?
    they did not care about plants, if it was on their property they could do whatever they want with them
  3. What types of natural plant communities are "hot spots" for botanical rarities?
    rocky barins, rocky wetlands and rainforests etc.
  4. What are the differences among these 3 protected plant categories: endangered, rare and threatened?
    endangered- they are the most severed cases of becoming extinct and need t be monitored closely.

    rare- they need to be protected and monitored with close eye

    threatened- their populations are diminshing quick and need to be protected from other invasive species etc.
  5. What is the role of the NYS Natural Heritage Program?
    its there to map out and inventory the rare elements of occurance
  6. Explain with examples the impacts of invasive species on protected plants?
    invasive species are hurting protected plants by becoming to over populated and crowding out some of the protected plants.

    ex- garlic mustard and purple loosestrife
  7. What is a relict?
    An organism or species of an earlier time surviving in an environment that has undergone considerable change.
  8. What are 2 types of rarity?
    disjunct and endemic
  9. What does endangered mean on a protected plant checklist?
    means it occurs in 5 or fewer locations
  10. What does threatened mean on the protected plant checklist?
    occurs in 6-20 locations
  11. What does rare mean on the protected plant checklist?
    occurs in 12-50 locations
  12. What does exploitably vulnerable mean?
    • species are likely to become threatened in the near future throughout
    • all or a significant portion of their range within the state if causal
    • factors continue unchecked
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