EVNT2002 Lecture Two

  1. Define Culture in its two senses
    • 1. intellectual and artistic activity
    • 2. a way of life, both in its material and spiritual dimensions

    Culture is the mechanism through which individuals communities and nations define themselves
  2. How does culture tie in with arts?
    • Culture is the unique combination of where we live and the people we associate with
    • Cutlure can also be everything that contributes to the quality of our lives
    • Arts activities are also cultural activities
    • Arts are a mediums used to express culture
  3. What are three commonly used classifications of culture
    • artistic culture
    • social culture
    • cultural identity
  4. What does Artistic Culture refer to?
    • Artistic acheivement and expression
    • refined appreciation of the arts

    e.g. Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre - artistic culture represented through creation of artistac artefacts
  5. What is Socail Culture?
    the cultivation of the individual through intellectual trianing
  6. How does social cutlure and the arts fit together?
    • The arts associated with being cultured
    • Particpation = gain of social culture = seen as socially cultured individual
  7. What does cultural identity refer to?
    • a whole way of life - material and spiritual dimensions
    • one's cultural background: the customs, achievements and history of a particular civilisation or group
    • social culture gained through person's actions, cultural identity is fixed
  8. Where does entertainment fit in with arts?
    Arts = cultural activity = leisure time = entertainment
  9. What are some organisations which amdinister adn manage arts funding?
    • Australia Council for the Arts
    • Screen Australia
    • Regional Arts Fund
    • Community Heritage Grants Program
    • Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme
    • Cultural Development Project
    • The Film Finance Corporation
    • The Return of Indigenous Cultural Property Program
    • Visions of Australia yourism exhibitions grants program
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