Volume 1 Chpater 6

  1. Liability
    Legal Responsibility
  2. Constitutional Law
    Law based on the U.S. Constitution
  3. Common Law
    Law that is derived from society's acceptapnce of customs and norms over time. Also called Judge-Made Law
  4. Legislative Law
    Law created by law making bodies such as Congress. Also called Statutory Law
  5. Administrative Law
    Law that is enacted by governmental agencies. Also called Regulatory Law.
  6. Criminal Law
    Division of the legal system that deals with wrongs committed against society or its members. Examples are homicide, rape, & burglary.
  7. Civil Law
    deals with noncriminal issues and conflicts between two or more parties. Examples are personal injury, contract disputes, and matrimonial issues.
  8. Tort Law
    Deals with civil wrongs committed by one individual against another. Examples: medical malpractice, negligence, assault & battery, and slander.
  9. Scope of Practice
    Range of duties and skills paramedics are allowed and expected to perform
  10. Immu
  11. Immunity
    Exemption from legal liability
  12. Good Samaritan Laws
    Laws that provide immunity to certain people who assist at the scene of a medical emergency
  13. Negligence
    Deviation from accepted standards of care recognized by law for the protection of others against unreasonable risk of harm.
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Volume 1 Chpater 6
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