1. Anuria
    24 hour urine output is less than 50mL
  2. Oliguria
    Scantly or decreased amount of urine. Less than 400mL in 24 hours.
  3. Blood Urea Nitrogen
    BUN - The amount of nitrogen in the form if urea in the blood.
  4. Diuretics
    A drug that elevates urine output
  5. Dysuria
    Painful Urination
  6. External Condom Cathater
    Non evasive device that fits over a penis to collect urine.
  7. Hematuria
    The presence of red blood cells in urine
  8. Illeal Conduit
    urinary diversion in which the ureters are connected to the ileum with a stoma created on the abdominal wall
  9. Kegel Exercises
    Repititious contraction and relaxing of the pubococcygeal muscles to improve vaginal tone and urinary incontinence
  10. Micturation
    The act of Urinating
  11. Polyuria
    dieresis - Excessive urine output
  12. Residual Urine
    Urine left over in bladder after urination
  13. Stress incontinence
    When a person looses more than 50mL of urine due to increased abdominal pressure.
  14. Urge Incontinence
    Invoulentary incontinence afer a strong urge to void
  15. Urinary Diversion
    Surgical creating of an alternate route of excretion of urine
  16. Urinary Retention
    Inability to viod despite a full bladder and working kidneys
  17. Mixed Incontinence
    Symptoms of both stress and urge incontinence.
  18. Overflow Incontinence
    Invoulentary loss of urine due to over distention of bladder.
  19. Functional Incontinence
    State in which a person invoulentaraly and unpredictably passes urine.
  20. Reflex Incontinence
    Emptying of bladder due to reflex action and no control of urination.
  21. Total Incontinence
    Total loss of urine control. Patient is constantly wet.
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