Biochem lecture 25

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  1. Gluconeogenesis is for
    The formation of glucose and maintenence of glucose blood levels.
  2. Fructose-2,6- Phosphate is formed from
    6-Phospho fructo-2-Kinase
  3. Glucagon inhibition is mediated by what cascade?
    cAMP, which signals activation of phosphatase and inhibition of kinase.
  4. Glucagon and epinephrine ______ of glycolysis in liver and _____ of glycolysis in heart.
    Inhibition, acceleration
  5. T/F epinephrine inhibits metabolism.
    False, stimulates.
  6. Final product of gluconeogenesis.
  7. Cori cycle alternate name
    Glucose-lactate cycle
  8. Liver produces glucose for _____ cells.
  9. Cori cycle is energy ______ whereas the alanine cycle is energy _____.
    inefficient, efficient.
  10. Lactate is converted to pyruvate by this enzyme.
    lactate dehydrogenase.
  11. All amino acids except ___ and ___ can supply carbon for gluconeogenesis.
    Leu (leucine) and Lys (lysine).
  12. Prompinol CoA produces how many glucose and lactate from one glycerol?
    1/2 glucose and 1 lactate. However fructose is more energy sufficient (produces 1 glucose and 2 lactate)
  13. T/F Activators for glycolysis are inhibitors for gluconeogenesis. vice verse.
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