Micros-Chapter 21

  1. Anoxic
    oxygen-free habitat for microbial
  2. Fermentation
    Anaerobic catabolism of an organic compound in which the compound servs as both an electron donor and an electron acceptor and in which ATP is usually produced by substrate-lvl phosphorylation
  3. Hydrogenase
    An enzyme, widely distributed in anaerobic microorganisms, capable of oxidizing or evolving H2
  4. Homofermentative
    producing only lactic acid from the fermentation of glucose
  5. Heterofermentative
    producing a mixtur of products, typically lactate, ethanol, plus CO2 , from the fermentation of glucose
  6. aldolase
    the key enzyme of glycolysis. present in homofermentative lactic acid bacteria
  7. Mixed-Acid Fermentations
    • characteristic of enteric bacteria,
    • 3 different acids are forms: acetic, lactic, and succinic
    • also formed: Ethanol, CO2 , & H2
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Micros-Chapter 21
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