1. What is emphais?
    The significance, or importance, that you give to something.
  2. Artists sort out various ideas and elements that make up the subject matter of their work, Composers, choreographers, and writers have ways of developing a main idea, theme or center of inerest. Visual artists may simply choose to emphasize a single aspect of a design, but they must also decide how to emphasize it. They usually choose from a variety of methods which include ________,_____, and ______.
    relying on a single element of design, simplifying the overall composition, and using special placement
  3. Unlike many other areas of knowledge, art has no set rules or formulas for using the elements of design. Instead, visual artists must experiment with them to _______________.
    Visual artist must experiment with them to develop a clear importance within their designs. If they don't their works will fail to communicate a main idea or theme.
  4. What is the benefit of emphasizing one element in a design?
    Emphasis of one particular element can help an artist organize a design and establish a focal point for the viewer.
  5. What is an example of emphasizing one element of design: line?
    The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, designed by Maya Ying Lin. Her simple but powerful design emphasizes the converging lines of the wall, as well as the engraved lines that record the names of those who died.
  6. what is an example of emphasizing a single element: shape and form
    Briar, by Ellsworth Kelly - the artist used a simple design, each leaf repeats a similar shape. The overall effect is one of gracefulness and quiet.
  7. Other than simple use of different shapes and forms, What is another way of using shapes and forms to achieve emphasis
    • Distorting or exaggerating shapes and forms. for example caricatures.
    • Also, an artist might create unusual or bizarre shapes or forms to achieve emphasis.
  8. What is a caricature?
    a depiction that emphasizes a distinguishing feature of a subject, such as a strong chin or large eyes.
  9. what is an example of art that shows unusual or bizarre shape and form?
    Walking Male by Alberto Giacometti
  10. what moods are conveyed through the emphasis of dark values?
    moods of gloom, mystery, drama, or threat
  11. what moods are conveyed through a composition with predominantly light values
    opposite that of the dark values
  12. what industry strongly relies on emphasis of value?
    The Tv, film, and advertising industries still rely on the use of light and dark to create dramatic moods and eye-catching compositions.
  13. What is simplicity?
    One way to achieve order and to clarify the center of interest is to keep a design simple
  14. true or false. Because simplicity allows the viewer to quickly see the artists main idea or point, it almost always contributes to emphasis.
  15. what are examples of how simplicity is used
    In cartoons and comics, artists often simplify the bodies and faces of their characters. They may choose to place emphasis on only the eyes and mouth so that viewers can easily figure out a character's feelings or personality.Shapes and forms gain importance when they are set off against plain, uncluttered backgrounds. If a background is more dominant or detailed than the center of interest, the main subject may be difficult to find.
  16. what is placement
    in western culture, we read from left to right and top to bottom. The significance of this eye movement from upper left to lower right permits artists and designers to create emphasis through placement
  17. what ways are used to achieve emphasis using placement and grouping
    concept of ideal locations for placement of subject matter, importance of right hand placement, placing the center of interest at or near one of the four ideal locations, and grouping shapes and forms.
  18. with emphasis by grouping shapes or forms, the collected objects or figures visually attract one another and easily become the dominant point or center of interest. In such designs, the entire group is usually viewed as _____.
    In such designs, the entire group is usually viewed as one entity. The closer the forms are to one another, the stronger their attraction and emphasis will be.
  19. draw the diagram illustrating the rule of thirds, ideal positions for an artwork's center of interest.
    3 1

    4 2
  20. What is isolation?
    When one object or figure is separated or removed from others, it becomes isolated
  21. What might an artist do to achieve emphasis through isolation in a design?
    place the main subject against an absolutely plain background.
  22. creating emphasis by using a plain background is closely related to the use of simplicity and placement, and is commonly used in ________.
    is commonly used in two-dimensional designs such as photographs, drawings, and advertisements.
  23. What does "in the round mean"
    from many different viewpoints.
  24. placing sculptures in galleries and museums on a base or pedestal helps to do what? what type of emphasis is this?
    it helps separate the piece from the surroundings and allows the viewer to move around it easily. Isolation.
  25. what is scale?
    Scale refers to the relative size of a figure or object, compared to others of its kind, its environment, or humans.
  26. Why do architects leave open space around their buildings?
    to help unify the feeling of the space and to emphasize their designs. example of isolation
  27. what is style
    The distinctive character contained in the artworks of an individual, a group of artists, a period of time, an entire society, or geographical location
  28. Name a chinese art prodigy known for her paintings of animals, especially monkeys, How did she emphasize her main subject in the illustration in this book? What is the name of the peice?
    Wang Yani simplified the background by leaving the area blank around the birds and framing the main subject with a simplified rock and leaves. A Happy Episode
  29. Describe the process that John Ahearn uses to create his realistic three-dimensional portraits.
    John Ahearn makes plaster molds of his subject's body and then casts it in plaster, Fiberglas, or bronze.
  30. List the ways to emphasis in a design
    Rely on one art element, exaggerate shapes or forms, simplify the design, use special placement, group elements, isolate the main subject, emphasize the scale of an object and repeat elements.
  31. What types of designers use isolation often?
    sculptors and architechs
  32. How has Ahearn described himself and why?
    as "an itinerant portrait painter:" By representing every day slices of life. Ahearn and Torres have brought art to the community in a new way.
  33. How is repetition used in design?
    More repetition of shape, form, or color creates more emphasis in a design
  34. List examples mentioned in the text for each type of emphasis
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