Micros- Chapter 20

  1. Anoxygenic photosynthesis
    photosynthesis in which O2 is not produced
  2. Antenna pigments
    Light-harvesting chlorophylls or bacteriochlorophylls in phtocomplexes that funnel energy to the reaction center
  3. Autotroph
    An organism that uses CO2 as the sole source of carbon
  4. Bacteriochlorophyll
    The chlorophyll pigment of anoxygenic phototrophs
  5. Calvin Cycle
    the biochemical pathway for CO2 fixation in many autotrophic organisms
  6. Carboxysomes
    crystalline inclusions of RubisCO
  7. Carotenoid
    A hydrophobic accessory pigment present along with chlorophyll in photosynthetic membrane
  8. Chemolithotroph
    a microorganism that oxidizes inorganic compounds as electron donors in energy metabolism
  9. Chlorophyll
    A light-sensitive , Mg-containing porphyrin of phototrophic organisms that initiates the process of photophosphorylation
  10. Chlorosome
    Cigar-shaped structures present in the periphery of cells of green sulfur and non-sulfur bacteria and that contain the antenna bacteriochlorophylls (c,d, or e)
  11. Hydrogenase
    An enzyme, widely distributed in anaerobic microorganisms, capable of taking up or eveolving H2
  12. Hydroxypropionate pathway
    An autotrophic pathway found in chloroflexus and a few Archaea
  13. Mixotroph
    An organism in which an inorganic compound serves as electron donor in energy metabolism and organic compounds serve as carbon source
  14. Nitrofication
    the microbial conversion of NH3 to NO3_
  15. Nitrogenase
    An enzyme capable of reducing N2 to NH3 in the process of nitrogen fixation
  16. Nitrogen fixation
    The biological reduction of N2 to NH3 by nitrogenase
  17. Oxygenic photosynthesis
    Photosynthesis carried out by cyanobacteria and green plants in which O2 is evolved
  18. Photophosphorylation
    The production of ATP in photosynthesis
  19. Photosynthesis
    The series of rxn in which ATP is synthesized by light-driven rxn and CO2 is fixed into cell material
  20. Phototrophs
    An organism that uses light as energy source
  21. Phycobiliprotein
    The accessory pigment complex in cyanobacteria that contains phycocyanin and allophycocyanin or phycoerythrin coupled to protein
  22. Phycobilisome
    Aggregates of phycobiliproteins
  23. Reaction Center
    A photosynthetic complex containing chlorophyll or bacteriochlorophyll and several other components within which occurs the initial electron transfer rxn of photosynthetic electron flow
  24. Reverse citric acid cycle
    A mechanism for autotrophy in green sulfur bacteria and a few other phototrophs
  25. RubisCO
    The acronym for ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase, the key enzyme in the Calvin Cycle
  26. Thlakoids
    Membrane stacks in cyanobacteria or in the chloroplast of eukaryotic phototrophs
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