medquiz 8

  1. Omega-3 fish oil (brand name)
  2. Omega-3 fish oil (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Liquid Filled Capsule, 1000mg, 2 capsules twice daily
  3. Omega-3 fish oil (indication)
    Hyperlipidemia (reduce triglycerides)
  4. Omega-3 fish oil (counseling tips)
    Take with food to lessen GI side effects, Do not crush/chew, Refrigerate capsules if fishy aftertaste
  5. Simvastatin (Brand)
  6. Simvastatin (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Tablet, 20,40 mg, 1 tablet daily at bedtime
  7. Simvastatin (indication)
    Hyperlipidemia (reduce cholesterol and triglycerides)
  8. Simvastatin (counseling tips)
    Report unusual muscle pain, avoid grapefruit juice, take at bedtime, avoid pregnancy, takes 2-6 weeks for effect
  9. Ezetimbe (Brand)
  10. Ezetimbe (Dosage form, Stregth, Frequency)
    Tablet, 10 mg, 1 tablet daily
  11. Ezetimbe (Indication)
    Hyperlipidemia (reduce cholesterol)
  12. Ezetimbe (Counseling tips)
    Diarrhea, takes about 2 weeks to work
  13. Gemfibrozil (Brand)
  14. Gemfibrozil (Dosage form, Strength, Frequency)
    Tablet, 600 mg, 1 tablet twice daily 30 min before morning and evening meal
  15. Gemfibrozil (Indication)
    Hyperlipidemia (reduce triglycerides and cholesterol)
  16. Gemfibrozil (Counseling Tips)
    Report unusual muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness, Abdominal pain
  17. Test Strips and Lancets (Brand)
    Accu-Check, One touch
  18. Test Strips and Lancets (Dosage Form, Frequency)
    Box of 25, 50, 100, Test 1 to 4 times daily
  19. Test Strips and Lancets (Indication)
    Test Strips: measure blood glucose, Lancets: to obtain blood sample
  20. Test Strips and Lancets (Counseling Tips)
    Strips must match the blood glucose monitor, Lancets match the lancet device
  21. Syringes and needles (Brand)
    BD Ultra-fine, BD Micro-fine
  22. Syringes and needles (Dosage Form, Frequency)
    Syringe Size: 1ml (100 units) 0.5ml (50 units) 0.3ml (30 units) Use smallest syringe for most accuracy, Inject insulin as directed
  23. Syringes and needles (Indication)
    Subcutaneous injection of insulin
  24. Syringes and needles (counseling tips)
    Higher needle gauge= thinner needle, Syringe labeled with # of insulin units, Various needle lengths
  25. Insulin Lispro (Brand)
  26. Insulin Lispro (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Solution for Injection, 100 units/ml, variable
  27. Insulin Lispro (Indication)
  28. Insulin Lispro (Counseling Tips)
    Rapid Acting-use within 15 minutes of eating, refrigerate unused insulin, After 1st use, store at room temp (injecting cold insulin is painful), Discard 28 days after 1st use
  29. Metformin (Brand)
    Glucophage, Glucophage XR
  30. Metformin (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    tablet, 500, 850, 1000 mg, One tablet twice daily
  31. Metformin (Max daily dose)
  32. Metformin (indication)
  33. Metformin (Counseling tips)
    Diarrhea, Titrate up to reduce GI side effects, Take with meals, Avoid alcohol
  34. Pioglitazone (Brand)
  35. Pioglitazone (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Tablet, 30 mg, One tablet daily
  36. Pioglitazone (Max Daily Dose)
    45 mg/day
  37. Pioglitazone (indication)
  38. Pioglitazone (Counseling Tips)
    Report rapid weight increase, swelling, shortness of breath, Headache
  39. Glyburide (Brand)
  40. Glyburide (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Tablet, 5mg, Take once daily
  41. Glyburide (Max daily dose)
    20 mg/day
  42. Glyburide (indication)
  43. Glyburide (Counseling tips)
    Take with breakfast, Blurred vision, Low blood sugar, Heartburn or nausea
  44. Sitagliptin (Brand)
  45. Sitagliptin (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Tablet, 25, 100 mg, One tablet daily
  46. Sitagliptin (Indication)
  47. Sitagliptin (Counseling Tips)
    Take with or without food, Report any hypersensitivity reactions (difficulty breathing or swallowing, swelling of tongue), Headache
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