med 6 terms

  1. chemotherapy
    treatment of malignancies, infections, and other diseases with chemical agents that destroy selected cells or impair their ability to reproduce
  2. psychotherapy
    treatment of psychiatric disorders using verbal and nonverbal interaction with patients, individually or in a group, employing specific actions and techniques
  3. radiation therapy
    treatment of disease, especially cancer, using ionizing radiation to impede the proliferation of abnormal cells
  4. physical medicine and rehabilitation therapy
    therapy to restore function and prevent diasbility resulting from illness or injury; provided by physicians, known as physiatrists, and therapists in specialized areas including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and massage therapy
  5. physical therapy (PT)
    syn. physiotherapy
    treatment to rehabilitate patients who are disabled by illness or injury; involves many different modalities (methods), such as exercise, hydrotherapy, and therapeutic ultrasound
  6. occupational therapy (OT)
    rehabilitation of individuals suffering from physical, developmental, mental, or emotional diasbilities to regain or improve functions in areas of self-care and tasks needed to perform everyday activities independently
  7. speech-language therapy
    therapy to assess, diagnosis, terat and prevent communication disorders related to speech (voice or sound) or language (words)
  8. massage therapy
    manipulation of the soft muscle tissues of the body to improve circulation and remove waste products; used to treat overworked muscles as a result of sports injuries, reduce stress, and promote general health; considered a practice of complementary and alternative medicine. (CAM)
  9. cryosurgery
    destruction of tissue by freezing with application of an extremely cold chemical, such as liquid nitrogen
  10. electrosurgery
    use of electric currents to destroy tissue; strength of the current and method of application vary
  11. electrocautery
    use of an instrument heated by electric current (cautery) to soagulate bleeding areas by burnign the tissue (eg, to sear a blood vessel)
  12. endoscopic surgery
    procedure using an endoscope that includes examination and operative treatment; used in a variety of procedures
  13. arthroscopic surgery
    procedure usign an arthroscope to examine, diagnose, and repair a joint from within
  14. laparoscopic surgery
    operative procedures within the abdominal and pelvic regions after insertion of a laparoscope (commonly referred to as a "key hole" surgery because of the small incision that is made as opposed to traditional laparotomy); common laparoscopic procedures include appendectomy, cholecystectomy, and tubal ligation
  15. endovascular surgery
    minimally invasive interventional techniques performed within a vessel most commonly done at the same time as a diagnostic procedure such as cardiac catheterization or diagnostic neuroradiological exam; percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) is an example
  16. laser surgery
    • surgical use of a laser to make incisions or destroy tissues
    • eg. to create fluid passages and obliterate tumors)
    • commonly applied to delicate tissues such as in the eye
  17. LASER
    acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation; the instrument produces a small, extremely intense beam that is precise in depth and diameter; it is applied to body tissues to destroy lesions or for dissection (cutting of parts for study)
  18. complementary and alternative med
    • refers to various medical and health care systems, practices and products that are not currently considered to be part of conventional medicine
    • comp- used together with conventional med
    • alternative- used in place of conventional med
  19. integrative medicine
    is an approach using 2 or more modalities
  20. whole medicine eg. homeopathic med
    mind-body medicine eg yoga
    biologically based prac eg use substances found in nature
    manipulative and body based practices eg based on manipulation such as chiropractic
    energy medicine eg reiki fields
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