Psychology Unit 2 and 3 Test

  1. Gene
    A stretch of DNA that determines our phenotype and in return influences how we develope.
  2. Natural Selection
    • Darwin
    • Organisms must genetically fit with the environment
  3. Evolutionary Psychology
    Uses the principles of Evolution to determine why we develope certain traits by seeing how they would be addaptively beneficial

    • Criticism:
    • 1. Circular and Untestable
    • 2. there are alternate explanations; people in industrial societies are less reliant on internal factors for survival than outward.
  4. Nature vs. Nurture
    • Nature
    • Nurture: The environment of the subject
    • How it is studied: Twin Studies: Identical twins monozygote splits; Fraternal Twins dizygote
  5. Behavioral Genetics
    • Tries to determine what aspects are due to genes and what to the environment
    • Can't study genes in isolation only in environment
  6. Trait Plasticity
    • Traits can change even if it is genetically influenced.
    • If you are predisposed towards anger it doesn't mean you must be angry.
  7. Temperament
    • Mostly stable way of emotionally reacting
    • Easy; Difficult; slow to adapt
    • Environment has little effect on temperament
  8. Environment
    • Culture: Ideas, behaviors, attitudes and traditions exhibited by large group of people; cultures more alike than different
    • Parents necessary for early survival; Peers necessary for lifelong survival
  9. Physical prenatal developmental stages
    • Zygote: conception to two weeks; multicell ball attatches to uterus wall
    • Embryonic: 2wk - 8wk; babies gender
    • Fetal: 8wk - birth
  10. Gender roles
    • Social rules about how different sexes should behave
    • No gender roles in nomadic society but in agricultural there are
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Psychology Unit 2 and 3 Test
Psychology Unit 2 and 3 test