1. What is welfare?
    def: well-being, happiness or state of faring well
  2. Can we define animal welfare? why?
    NO! everyone's opinions are different. Welfare is a characteristic of an animal, not something given to it!!
  3. Three animal welfare concepts
    • physical status (function, fitness)
    • Mental Status (fellings)
    • Naturalness (telos)
  4. five freedoms
    • freedom from hunger and thirst
    • freedom from discomfort
    • freedom from pain, injury and disease
    • freedom to express normal behaviour
    • freedom from fear and distress
  5. concept of needs
    need: a requirement, fundamental in the biology of the animal, to obtain a particular resource or respond to a particular environmental or bodily stimulus
  6. hierarchy of needs
    • some needs may be more important that others for animals
    • provision of food and water is a fundamental need
    • provision of a comfortable lying area may be less fundamental
    • life-sustaining > health-sustaining > comfort-sustaining
  7. Animal welfare science
    • Welfare science considers effects on the animal from the animals point of view
    • addresses ethical concerns of the public
    • active, developing field
    • multidisciplinary but behavioral emphasis
    • bias towards farm animals
  8. role of research (in welfare)
    • Informs the welfare debate by:
    • defining problems (assessment) (how much...)
    • Identifying causes (why do...)
    • providing solutions (improved...)
  9. Animal welfare science- function
    • Aim: to understand the biological functioning or fitness of the animal
    • research approaches
    • epidemiology
    • pathology
    • productivity
    • endocrine/immune disturbance
    • abnormal behaviour
    • longevity
    • Lots of meausres, easy to demonstrate scientifically BUT
    • link betwen biological function and welfare not always apparent
  10. Who uses animal welfare science?
    • Legislators
    • producers/industry
    • animal protection soc.
    • other sci/vets
    • public
  11. Role of Ethics
    • Why should we care about animals?
    • do animals have moral standing?
    • what are out duties towards animals?
    • what human actions are acceptable or unacceptable?
  12. Science vs. Ethics vs. Law
    • welfare Science considers effects on the animal from the animals point of view
    • welfare ethics considers human actions towards animals
    • welfare legislation considers how humans MUST treat animals
  13. Role of the profession
    • making professional policy
    • being a spokesperson for animal welfare
    • ensuring quality of vets
    • provide expert independent advice for government
    • comment on proposed legislation
    • suggest furutre legislation
  14. role of the individual vet
    • promote animal welfare
    • animal-centric
    • clients look to vets for welfare knowledge and advice
    • ethical reasoning
  15. welfare/ethical issues in vet practice
    • euthanasia
    • confinement during tx
    • elective sx
    • tx of wild animals
    • heroic tx
    • financial limitations
  16. Euthanasia welfare issues?
    • welfare concerns the quality of animal life
    • death affects the quantity of animal life
    • the manner of death is relevant
    • high death rates can indicate poor welfare conditions
    • welfare can be improved w/ euthanasia
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