Anthro Vocab

  1. natural selection
    process by which organisms better adapted to the enviroment reproduce more effectively compared to less-well adapted forms
  2. evolution
    inherited & cumaltive change in the characterestics of a species, population or culture
  3. fossil
    preserved remainsof plant and animals of the past
  4. artifact
    portable objects madeor modified by humans
  5. primates
    order of animals that include modern humans
  6. sociality
    preference for living in groups & interacting regularly w/memebers of the same species
  7. foraging
    obtaing food available in nature through gathering hunting and scavenging
  8. great apes
    category of large tailess primates that include chimps bonobos and humans
  9. brachiation
    arboreal travel using forelimbs to swing from branch to branch
  10. knuckle walking
    terretrial travel that involves flat-footed while supporting the upper body on front fingers beyond knuckles
  11. hominins
    primates taht include modern human & extinct species of early humans that are more closley related to humans than chimps
  12. bipedalism
    upright locomotion on 2 feet
  13. australopithecines
    extinct hominin species found in east/central africa
  14. savanna
    enviroment that consists of open plains w/tall grass and patches of trees
  15. archaic homo
    several extint hominin species that lived characterized by stone tool traditions that the species depended on
  16. Oldwoan tradition
    oldest hominin toolkit, characterized by core tools and flake tools
  17. Acheulian tradition
    toolkit of H Erectus
  18. mousterian tradition
    toolkit of neanderthals characterized by more specialized tools such as points scrapers and awls
  19. AMO
    homo sapiens
    species that eveoled to modern humans
  20. upper Paleolithic
    microlithic tools and prolithic cave art and portable art
  21. cro-magnons
    1st modern humans in Europe
  22. clovis culture
    new world population characterized by clovis
  23. sedentism
    residence in permant villages towns cities w/farming
  24. domestication
    human selection causes changes in genetic material of plants and animals
  25. Neolithic revolution
    time of rapid transformation in technology related to plant/animal domestication that included tools
  26. tell/lell
    human made mound from accumalation of successive generations of house construction ad reconstruction & trash
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