Aeromedical Factors

  1. What is Hypoxia ?
    a state of oxygen deficiency in the body
  2. What does hypoxia impair
    the brain and other organs
  3. How low is the altitude for hypoxia ?
    5000 feet
  4. Mid altitude for hypoxia
    12,000 to 15,000 feet
  5. highest mention altitude
    15,000 feet
  6. Symptoms of hypoxia?
    1. sense of well-being

    2. dizziness

    3. drwsiness

    4. alertness

    5. judgement impaired
  7. What factors can lead to hypoxia?
    1. carbon monoxide inhaled

    2. low hemoglobin

    3. medication effects

    4. extreme heat

    5. extreme cold

    6. fever
  8. How can you avoid hypoxia?
    enrich the air with oxygen
  9. When is hyperventilation?
    subconsciously increasing air breathed in and out during perhapes stressful situations

    decrease in carbone dioxide to the lungs
  10. What are symptoms of carbon dioxide?
    1. light headness

    2. suffocation

    3. drowsiness

    4. coolness

    5. unconsciousness
  11. How can hyperventilating conditions be reverse?
    1. breathing in and out of a paper back

    2. returning carbon dioxide back to normal
  12. What is carbon monoxide poisoning?
    when the blood can no longer carry oxygen
  13. Characteristics of carbon monoxide ?
    colorless, ordorless and tasteless gas contained exhaust fumes
  14. How does carbon monoxide poisoning come into the cabin attacking the pilot?
    cracks in the exhaust manifold which slips in when the cabin heat is being used
  15. What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide?
    headache, drowsiness, dizziness
  16. What action should be taken if the pilot suspects carbon monoxide poisoning ?
    1. shut off heater

    2. open vents

    3. land

    4. medical treatment
  17. What causes motion sickness
    stimulation of the inner ear
  18. What are symptoms of motion sickness?
    1. nasea

    2. disorentation

    3. vomit

    4. incapacitated
  19. What actions should be done if experiences motion sickness?
    1. loosen clothes

    2. open air vents

    3. focus outside the plane

    4. land as soon as possible
  20. What is ear back?
    Eustachian tube in the middle ear is shut down which once opens up is painful and can cause lose of hearing for hours or days
  21. What is the wait period after drinking before flying ?
    8 hours
  22. Nitrogen assoicated with scuba diving and flying when at an altitude of 8,000 feet how much time is needed?
    12 hours = no controlled ascent

    24 hours = controlled ascent
  23. Nitrogen, scuba diving and flying above 8,000 feet wait periond
    24 hours
  24. What type of hypoxia do pilot experience ?
    Hypo hypoxia
  25. What type of altitude do pilots experience hypo hypoxia?
    high altitudes
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