English Lesson 3

  1. abatement
    noun- the act of puting an end to something
  2. abdicate
    verb- to cast of or discard
  3. jargon
    noun- confusing unitelligble language or a language a certain group of people are able to understand
  4. balm
    noun- aromatic preparation used as a healing ointment
  5. cajole
    verb- to persuade with flattery exspecially in face reluctance: coax
  6. calamitous
    adjective- being in a state of misery caused by misfortune
  7. dearth
    noun- an inadequate supply
  8. debase
    verb- to lower in status, esteem, or character
  9. eclectric
    • adjective- composed of elements drawn from various sources
    • noun- one who uses an eclectic method or approach
  10. ecstatic
    • adjective- relating to state of overwhelming emotions
    • noun- one that is subject to the state of overwhelming emotions
  11. facile
    adjective- easily accomplished or attained
  12. jaundiced
    adjective- exhibiting or influenced by envy or hostility
  13. idiosyncrasy
    noun- an individualizing characteristic or quality
  14. gargantuan
    adjective- tremendous in size, volume, or degree
  15. hallow
    • verb- to make holy or set apart for holy use.
    • verb- to respect greatly
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