chap 9 3

  1. ablation
    partial destruction of the pathway of the electrical conduction system of the heart to treat irregular heart rhythms
  2. angiogram
    • printed record obtained through angiography
    • radiography of a blood vessle after injection of a contrast medium
  3. antianginals
    drugs used to treat chest pain
  4. antiarrhythmics
    drug used to treat abnormal rhy
  5. cardiac catheterization
    proc. where a catheter is inserted into an artery and guided into the ehart; may be used for diag of blockages and treatment
  6. cardiac glycosides
    drugs used to improve heart output by increasing muscular contraction
  7. cardiogram
    graphic trace of electrical activity in the heart
  8. cardioversion
    use of electrical shock to restore the hearts normal rhy
  9. diuretic
    drug used to increase urine production / urination
  10. nuclear stress test
    ass. of blood flow through the heart through the use of a nuclear element injection whilte the pat. exercises
  11. sphygmomanometer
    instrument used to measure blood press.
  12. stent
    device implanted into an artery to open and provide support to the arterial wall
  13. ventricular fibrillation
    irregular contraction of the ventricles;may be fatal unless reversed
  14. artioseptoplasty
    surgical repair of an artial septum
  15. cardiotomy
    incision into the heart or incision into the cardia of the stomach
  16. coronary artery bypass graft
    through an open chest, a graft is implanted on the heart to bypass blockage
  17. endarterectomy
    surgical removal of the lining of an artery

    incision into the pericardium

    surgical repair of a heart valve

    surgical removal of a blocked heart valve (stenosis of a heart valve) by cutting into it
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