Bio 1001- Chp 23

  1. Human inheritance is controlled by genes that are located on __________
  2. Genes
    Units of heredity
  3. Trait
    Refer to some aspects of the individual
  4. Loci
    location of the gene on a chromosome
  5. Allele
    alternate forms of genes, located on the loci
  6. Gregor Mendel
    Father of Genetics

    Mendejian Genetics

    Based on crosses he did with plants
  7. Mendel's Model of Heredity

    Number One
    Inheritance is controlled by factors that exist within the individual and are passed on to offsprings

    These factors are called genes
  8. Mendel's Model of Heredity

    Number Two
    Most traits are controlled by two factors

    These factors are called alleles
  9. Mendel's Model of Heredity

    Number Three
    One factor may be dominant over the other one

    Dd, DD, dd
  10. Mendel's Model of Heredity

    Number Four- Mendel's Law of Segregation
    The individual has 2 factors for each trait but gametes only contain only one factor for each pair

    FF= F & F
  11. Capital Letters
    dominant allele

    Widow's Peak- W
  12. Lowercase Letters
    recessive allele

    Continous hairline- w
  13. Genotype
    refers to the pair of genes that a individual actually has
  14. Phenotype
    refers to the physical characteristics that can actually be seen
  15. Homozygous Dominant
  16. Heterozygous
  17. Homozygous Recessive
  18. Genotype- WW
    Phenotype- Widow's Peak
  19. Genotype- Ww
    Phenotype-Widow's Peak
  20. Genotype-ww
    Phenotype- Continous Hairline
  21. Homozygous Dominant and Homozygous Recessive=

    WW+ww= Ww
  22. Heterozygous+Heterozygous=
    Ww+Ww= WW, Ww, Ww, ww

    3:1 Phenotopic ratio
  23. Inheritance of Multitraits

    Law of Independent Assortment
    pairs of factors seperate independently of one another to form the gametes, so all possible combinations may occur

    WwSs= WS, Ws, wS, ws
  24. Multi-Trait Cross

    Dihybrid+ Dihybrid=
    9:3:3:1 Phenotopic Ratio
  25. Intermediate Genes

    Neither Dominant or Recessive
    RR (red cow) + rr (white cow)= 1:2:1
  26. Multiple Alleles
    when there are more that 2 alleles for a trait

    Example- Blood Types (A, B, o)
  27. Blood Type

    Type A antigens on RBCs
  28. Blood Cells

    Type B antigens on RBCs
  29. Blood Cells

    There are NO antigens on the RBCs
  30. Blood Types
    • 1. Each person can only have 2 of the 3 alleles
    • 2. A and B are dominant over O
    • 3. A and B- both are expressed in the presence of each other (Co-Dominant)

    AA, Ao, BB, Bo, AB, oo
  31. A-B-o Blood test used in paternity suits
    • 1. Can NOT be used to determine that someone is the father
    • 2. Can be used to prove that someone is NOT the father
  32. Rh Factor
    Name comes from Rhesus Monkey
  33. Rh Positive
    Rh antigens on RBCs

    • Rh[+] Dominant
    • Rh+Rh+ or Rh+ Rh-
  34. Rh Negative
    there are no Rh antigens on the RBCs

    Rh[-] Recessive

  35. If Rh+ dad and Rh- mom = child A (Rh+Rh-)
    mom makes anti-Rh antibodies
    child B (Rh+Rh-)
    mom's anti-Rh antibodies attack child B
    Erthroblastosis fetalis
  36. Polygenic Inheritance
    • 1. 2 or more sets of genes effect the same trait
    • 2. Can often result in a bell shaped curve with most individuals showing the average genotype

    Examples- Eye and Hair Color
  37. Eye Color

    Alleles determione how much melanin is present in the iris
    • aabb= Blue
    • Aabb/aaBb= Green
    • AaBb/AAbb/aaBB= Light Brown
    • AABb/AaBB= Dark Brown
    • AABB= Black
  38. Eye Color

    Dihybrid + Dihybrid=
    • 1:16 =Blue
    • 4:16 =Green
    • 6:16 = L. Brown
    • 4:16 = D. Brown
    • 1:16= Black
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