Government Vocab

  1. Containment
    The belief that U.S. should resist the expansion of aggressive nations, especially the former Soviet Union.
  2. Cost Overruns
    When the money actually paid to military suppliers exceeds the estimated costs.
  3. Disengagement
    The belief that the U.S. was harmed by its war in Vietnam and so should avoid supposedly similar events.
  4. Gold Plating
    The tendency of Pentagon officials to ask weapons contractors to meet excessively high requirements.
  5. Human Rights
    The view that we should try to improve the lives of people in other countries.
  6. Isolationism
    The opinion that the U.S. should withdraw from world affairs.
  7. Military-industrial Complex
    An alleged alliance between military leaders and corporate leaders.
  8. Worldview
    A comprehensive opinion of how the U.S. should respond to world problems.
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