Italian Words in English

  1. basso
    lowest male voice
  2. baritone
    male voice between bass and tenor
  3. tenor
    adult male voice between baritone and alto
  4. alto
    highest male voice (countertenor) 2. Lowest female voice (contralto)
  5. falsetto
    atrificially high voice
  6. contralto
    lowest female voice
  7. mezzo-soprano
    female voice between contralto and soprano
  8. soprano
    highest voice in woman and boys
  9. coloratura
    vocal music ornamented with runs and trills, or a soprano specializing in this kind of music
  10. grave
    slow (slowest tempo)
  11. largo
    Slow and dignified, statley
  12. adagio
    slow, in an easy, graceful manner
  13. lento
  14. andante
    moderately slow, but flowing
  15. moderato
    in moderate time
  16. allegro
  17. vivace
  18. presto
  19. prestissimo
    at a very rapid pace
  20. crescendo
    gradual increase in force or loudness
  21. decrecendo
    gradual decrease in force or loudness
  22. dolce
    soft, sweet
  23. forte
  24. fortissimo
    very loud
  25. pianissimo
    very soft
  26. piano
  27. sforzando
  28. a cappella
    without musical accompaniment
  29. arpeggio
    playing of the tones of a chord in rapid succession
  30. legato
    smoothe and connected
  31. pizzicato
    plucking the strings instead of using a bow
  32. staccato
    with breaks between notes;disconnected
  33. tremolo
    rapid repetition of a tone or chord
  34. vibrato
    slightly throbbing or pulsating effect
  35. aria
    air, melody, or tune
  36. bravura
    piece of music requiring skill and spirit in the performer 2. display of daring or brilliance
  37. cantata
    composite vocal and instrumental work
  38. concierto
    long composition for one or more principal instruments with orchestral accompaniment
  39. duet
    piece of music for two singers
  40. finale
    close or termination
  41. intermezzo
    short musical or dramatic entertainment between the acts of a play
  42. libretto
    text or words of an opera or other long musical composition
  43. opera
    play mostly sung
  44. oratorio
    musical composition on a religious theme for soloists, chorus, and orchestra
  45. scherzo
    light or playful part of a sonata or symphony
  46. solo
    one voice or instrument
  47. sonata
    piece of music for one or two instruments with contrasting rythyns but related tonality
  48. trio
    3 singers or instruments
  49. tutti
  50. cameo
    gem cut in relief, the carved figure projecting 2. brief role played by a prominant actor 3. brief piece of brilliant film or writing
  51. campanile
    bell tower
  52. canto
    a chief division of a long poem
  53. chiaroscuro
    distribution and treatment of light and shade in painting or sketching 2. Painting that only uses light or shade
  54. cupola
    rounded roof;dome
  55. fresco
    art of painting with watercolors on damp fresh plaster
  56. intaglio
    design engraved by making cuts in a surface, into which the incised figure is sunk
  57. majolica
    enamles italian pottery richly decorated in colors
  58. mezzanine
    intermediate story in a theatre
  59. mezzotint
    picture engraved on copper or steel by polishing or scraping away parts of a rough surface
  60. patina
    film or incrustation, usually green, on the surface of old bronze or copper
  61. portice
    roof supported by columns, forming a porch or a covered walk
  62. rialto
    marketplace;theatre district
  63. rotunda
    round building, especially one with a dome 2. large round room
  64. stucco
    plaster made of cement, sand, and lime for covering exterior walls of buildings
  65. tempera
    colors are mixed with egg yolk
  66. terra-cotta
    hard clay used for vases, roofing, etc. 2. reddish brown or brownish orange color
  67. Torso
    Trunk or body of a statue w/o head, arms, or lege
  68. buffo
    male singer with a comedic role
  69. cognoscente
  70. diletante
    dabbler in art or other field;art lover
  71. diva
    principla female singer in an opera;prima donna
  72. impresario
    organizer or director of an opera or ballet company;promoter
  73. inamortata
    woman that one loves
  74. inamortato
    man that one loves
  75. maestro
    conductor;teacher;master in an art
  76. mountebank
  77. politico
  78. prima donna
    principal female singer in an opera 2. extremely high-strung or sensitive person
  79. virtuoso
    one who exhibits great technical skill in an art
  80. dolce far niente
    delightful idleness
  81. fiasco
    crash;complete failure
  82. imbroglio
    difficult situation;complicated disagreement
  83. incognito
    with one's identity concealed
  84. vendetta
    feud for blood revenge
  85. antipaso
  86. chianti
    dry red italian wine
  87. gusto
    liking, enjoyment
  88. alfresco
    in the open air;outdoor
  89. bravo/a
    shout applauding an excellent performance
  90. gondola
    boat used in Venice 2. cabin attatched to the underpart of an aircraft
  91. grotto
  92. piazza
    town square;porch
  93. portfolio
    briefcase 2. position or duties of a cabnit member
  94. salvo
    simultanious discharge of shots 2. burst of cheers
  95. sotto voce
    under the breath
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