Ortho Special Test- LE

  1. Ely's tes
    Rectus femoris contrature

    Prone position

    PT passively flexes pt's knee

    + spontaneous hip flex occuring simulataneously with knee flexion
  2. Ober's test
    TFL contracture

    sidelying with lower leg flexed at hip and knee

    PT moves test leg into hip ext and abd and then attempts to lwer test leg

    + inability of test leg to add and touch table
  3. Piriformis test
    Piriformis tightness or compression on sciatic nerve caused by piriformis

    Sidelying wiht test leg positioned toward the ceiling and hip flexed 60

    while stablilzing the pelvis, therapist applies downward (adduction) force on the knee

    + pain or tightness
  4. Tripod Sign
    Tight hamstrings

    sittting with knees flexed 90 over table

    PT passively extends one knee

    + tightness in hams or ext of trunk
  5. 90-90 straight leg raise
    hamstring tightness

    supine with hips 90 wiht knees relaxed

    pt alt ext each knee as much as possible maintaing hips at 90

    + knee remaining 20 or more of flexion
  6. Barlow's Test
    hip dislocation
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