1. What is climate?
    The long term characteristics of weather.
  2. Define a natural resource.
    Occurs naturally in nature and is used to our benefit.
  3. What province is growing the fastest in Canada?
  4. Identify the six essentials that must be on every map.
    Title, Scale, Legend, Date of Publication, Direction, Border
  5. What province is most densely populated?
  6. In 1867 was Canada more urban or rural?
  7. What is the Prime Meridian?
    Lines of Longitude on a map that joins the North and South poles.
  8. Name five great lakes.
    Michigan, Huron, Erie, Ontario, Superior
  9. Identify six factors that affect climate.
    Latitude, Ocean Currents, Wind, Elevation, Relief, Near Water
  10. Name all the capitals of the provinces in Canada.
    • British Columbia: Victoria
    • Alberta: Edmonton
    • Saskatewan: Regina
    • Manitoba: Winnipeg
    • Ontario: Toronto
    • Quebec: Quebec City
    • Nova Scotia: Halifax
    • New Brunswick: Fredericton
    • PEI: Charlottetown
    • Newfoundland and Labrador: St. Johns
  11. What body of water lies north of Ontario, west of Quebec, and east of Manitoba?
    Hudson's Bay
  12. In which ecozone is Courtice located?
    Mixedwood Plains
  13. Through which city does the Prime Meridian run through?
    Greenwich, UK
  14. Name the four major sources of energy in Canada.
    Electricity, Coal, Gasoline, and Natural Gas
  15. What is Stewardship?
    Responsibility to the environment
  16. What is the green house effect?
    When heat is trapped by the earth's atmosphere.
  17. Name three types of rocks in the rock cycle?
    Sedimentary, Metamorphic, Igneous
  18. In what directions do the lines of longitude run?
    East and West
  19. How long does it take a renewable resource to replenish it's self?
    100 years.
  20. List three natural resources.
    Oxygen, water, coal, fish, trees, the sun, peach, rivers, soil, etc.
  21. Name two top visible minorities.
    Blacks, Filipinos, Latin Americans, Arabs, Southeast Asians, West Asians, Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese.
  22. Name two atmospheric conditions.
    Temperature, Precipitation, Humidity, Wind Speed/Direction, Air pressure.
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