Vocab List #11

  1. Allege
    v. To assert without proof
  2. Alleviate
    v. To relieve; to make bearable
  3. Allocate
    v. To distribute; to assign
  4. Alloy
    n. A combination of two or more things, usually metals
  5. Aloof
    adj. Keeping one's distance
  6. Altruism
    adj. Selflessness; generosity
  7. Ambience
    n. Atmosphere; mood
  8. Ambiguous
    adj. Unclear in meaning
  9. Ambivalent
    adj. Undecided; unsure
  10. Ameliorate
    v. To make better or more tolerable
  11. Amenable
    adj. Obedient; willing to give in
  12. Amiable
    adj. Friendly
  13. Anachronism
    n. Something out of place in time or history
  14. Chimera
    n. An illusion; a foolish fancy
  15. Choleric
    adj. Hot-tempered; quick to anger.
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Vocab List #11
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