1. capacious
    large, roomy, extensive
  2. fretted
    adorned with a repeating pattern of geometric shapes
  3. depended
    hung downward
  4. censer
    a container in which incense is burned
  5. endued
    to give a quality to; to endow
  6. contrived, contrivance
    formed in an artistic manner; devised, planned, or managed; an act of creating art or an artistic creation
  7. sarcophagus
    a sculpted coffin made of stone
  8. volutes
    ornaments of spiral formation
  9. arabesque
    Arabic decorative art
  10. phantasmagoric
    surreal, imaginary
  11. antiquity
    ancient times, the quality of being very old
  12. animation
    the quality or condition of being alive, spirited, active, or vigorous
  13. unhallowed
    unholy, immoral
  14. disquietude
    anxiety; lack of peace or tranquility
  15. loathe
  16. august
    dignified, grandiose
  17. revel
    to take pleasure in
  18. fetter
    to bind, chain, confine
  19. ardor
    passion, enthusiasm
  20. epoch
    a memorable period of time
  21. perturbed
  22. convalescent
    partially recovered from an illness
  23. constitution
    the physical structure or health of something or someone; the sum of components, composition
  24. eradicate
    to erase or wipe out
  25. temperament
    an attitude, a manner of behaving
  26. pertinaciously
    stubbornly, persistently
  27. countenance
    appearance, facial expression
  28. inarticulate
    unable to speak clearly
  29. pallor
    unnatural paleness
  30. decanter
    a vessel used to hold wine or liquid before it's served
  31. procure
    to obtain
  32. palpable
    obvious, real, tangible
  33. immoderate
    extreme, unreasonable
  34. forbear
    to refrain or resist, to tolerate or put up with
  35. morbidly
    gruesome, gloomily
  36. shroud/enshroud
    to wrap up, hide from sight
  37. engendered
    produced, caused
  38. menial
    a servant
  39. turbulent
    chaotic, disordered
  40. wane
    to decrease gradually
  41. revery or reverie
    a daydream
  42. resolutely
    with determination; with a clear purpose
  43. preseveringly
    with unwavering determination
  44. tinge
    a slight shade of color, stain, odor, or taste
  45. precipitate
    hasty and presumptuous; abrupt
  46. repulsive
    sickening, disgusting, repellant
  47. supervened
    followed after
  48. disclose
    to expose, divulge
  49. dishevelled
    untidy, disarranged, unkempt
  50. cerements
    burial cloths used to wrap a corpse
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