1. abstruse
    difficult to understand
  2. metaphysical
    relating to the study of nature or reality
  3. erudition
    serious, scholarly learning
  4. traverse
    to travel or move across, to turn or move laterally
  5. benighted
    enveloped or taken over by darkness
  6. transcendentalism
    a philosophy that focuses on spiritual reality v. scientific fact
  7. chaotic
    extremely disordered
  8. ethereal
    not earthly, spiritual, delicate
  9. lambent
    gently glowing or flickering
  10. effulgence
    extreme radiance, brilliant luster
  11. poignant
    emotionally moving
  12. immerse
    to engross, preoccupy; to bathe, to dip
  13. pore
    to study closely or meditatively
  14. impetuously
    rapidly, forcefully; in a quick manner without thinking
  15. impotent
    ineffective, powerless
  16. idolatry
    extreme devotion or worship of something
  17. solace
    comfort in distress, consolation
  18. aspiration
    a great hope or goal
  19. detain
    to hold as if in custody, to restrain from continuing on
  20. dilate
    to explain or expand on; to enlarge, swell, extend
  21. abandonment
    total lack of inhibition
  22. unmerited
  23. bestow
    to give as a gift; to apply or devote time or effort
  24. vehemence
    strength, urgency
  25. preemptorily
    absolutely, in a commanding manner; immediately putting an end to
  26. throng
    a crowd or large group; to gather together
  27. motley
    composed of diverse parts; many colored
  28. mimic
    an imitator; one who copies
  29. seraph
    angel, guardian
  30. imbue
    to infuse; to dye, wet
  31. affirm
    to state positively, to assert as valid or confirmed
  32. undeviatingly
    absolutely, in a straightforward manner
  33. solemnly
    seriously or somberly
  34. desolation
    sadness, loneliness, barren wasteland
  35. abbey
    a religious and secluded convent or monestary
  36. imbibed
    absorbed as if by soaking or drinking
  37. dotage
    lack of mental strength; mental deterioration
  38. melancholy
    sad, depressing
  39. verdant
    green with vegetation; inexperienced
  40. perversity
    deliberate misbehavior
  41. alleviate
    to relieve, improve partially
  42. incipient
    beginning to exist or appear, in an initial stage
  43. trammel
    a shackle or net used to capture
  44. alienation
    derangement of the mind; separati or isolation
  45. haughty
    arrogant and condescending
  46. minutely
    precisely, in a detailed manner
  47. castellated
    resembling a castle
  48. tumult
    state of confusion, agitation
  49. unappeasable
    unable to be calmed; unable to be satisfied
  50. malady
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