1. betrothed
    a person to whom one must marry
  2. pervade
    to become diffused throughout every part of
  3. singular
    uncommon, peculiar
  4. placid
  5. enthralling
    captivating, enchanting, enslaving
  6. eloquence
    persuasive and effective speech
  7. stealthily
    quietly and cautiously
  8. adapt
    to accommodate; to adjust
  9. paternal
    inherited from or related to the father
  10. genera
    kinds, categories, groups
  11. caprice
    an impulsive change of mind, fickleness
  12. wan
    sickly pale
  13. emaciated
    very thin due to hunger or disease; feeble
  14. demeanor
    one's behavior or condcut
  15. heathen
    pagan, an uncivilized and irreligious pmmerson
  16. repose
    a state of peace or tranquility; relaxation, leisure
  17. luxuriant
    extravagantly abundant; elegant, lavish
  18. epithet
    a descriptive term or phrase substituted for a real name; an abusive word or phrase
  19. luxurious
    sensual; pleasurably indulgent
  20. serene
    calm, peaceful
  21. exultingly
    joyfully, rejoicingly
  22. scrutinize
    to observe carefully
  23. allude
    to make an indirect reference
  24. aqualine
    curved or hooked, like the beak of an eagle
  25. orbs
    spherical object, celestial body, sometimes eyes.
  26. ponder
    to consider or think about something in depth
  27. fathom
    to understand fully, to gauge; to measure the depth of
  28. profound
    deep, infinite, intelligent; difficult to understand
  29. devout
    devoted, as to religion
  30. anomaly
    an irregularity or deviating from the norm
  31. analogy
    a relation or likeness, parallelism
  32. subsequently
    in time or order, in succession, behind
  33. derive
    to receive from a source, to originate
  34. sentiment
    an attitude, thought, or judgment prompted by feeling, a romantic or nostalgic feeling
  35. luminous
    bright, brilliant, glowing
  36. innumerable
    too many to be counted, inestimable
  37. volition
    free choice, free will
  38. tumultous
    confusing or disorderly, agitated
  39. appall
    to overcome with shock or dismay
  40. modulation
    changing keys by a progression
  41. proficient
    expert, skilled in a certain subject
  42. dialect
    regional style of speaking
  43. livid
    pale, discolored from a bruise; reddened with anger
  44. minutely
    precisely, in a detailed manner
  45. revivification
    the renewal of life or vitality
  46. dissolution
    disintegration, decomposition
  47. unwonted
    uncommon, unusual
  48. impart
    to give or share, to pass on
  49. charnel
    ghastly, gruesome; able to contain or receive something dead
  50. apparition
    a ghostly figure, an unexpected or unusual sight or appearance
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