1. Allograft
    A graft from an allogenic donor of the same species as the recipient
  2. Alogia
    Aphasia; Speechless
  3. Amenorrhea
    Adsence of menstruation
  4. Angina
    A severe constricting pain in the chest
  5. Anhedonia
    Absence of pleasure from acts that otherwise would be pleasurable
  6. Arrhythmia
    Loss of rhythm; denoting especially an irregularity of the heart-beat
  7. Arteriostenosis
    Narrowing of the arteries
  8. Arthralgia
    Severe pain in a joint
  9. Ascites
    Accumulation of serous fluid in the pertitoneal cavity
  10. Asepsis
    A condition in which living pathogenic organisms are absent
  11. Aspermia
    Inability to secrete or ejaculate semen
  12. Asystole
    The absence of contractions of the heart
  13. Bacteremia
    Presence of ciable bacteria in the circulating blood
  14. Bactericide
    An agent that destroys (kills) bacteria
  15. Calciuria
    Presence of calcium in urine
  16. Chronotropic
    Affecting the rate of rhythmic movements such as the heart beat
  17. Cyanosis
    Blue skin
  18. Dysemenorrhea
    A condition marked by painful menstruation
  19. Dyspepsia
    Disturbed digestion; indigestion
  20. Dysphagia
    Difficulty/pain in swallowing
  21. Dysuria
    Difficulty/apin in urination
  22. Enuresis
  23. Expectorant
    Promoting secretion from the mucous membrane of the air passages
  24. Gingivitis
    Gum inflammation
  25. Halitosis
    Bad breath
  26. Hematogenesis
    Blood cell formation
  27. Hyperhidrosis
    Excessive sweat
  28. Hyptothermia
    Low body temperature
  29. Inotropic
    Influencing the contactility of muscular tissue
  30. Insidious
    Denoting a disease that progesses with few or no symptoms to indicate its gravity
  31. Ketonuria
    Ketone bodies in urine
  32. Mastication
  33. Miosis
    Pupil contraction
  34. Mydriasis
    Pupil dilation
  35. Ototoxic
    Having toxic action upon the ear
  36. Pediculicide
  37. Postcoital
    After intercourse
  38. Priapism
    Persistent, usually painful erection of the penis, especially as a consequence of disease and not related to sexual arousal
  39. Pyuria
    Pus in urine
  40. Quakery
    Fraudulent claim to medial knowledge
  41. Rhinorrhea
    Runny nose
  42. Steatorrhea
    Presence of fat in feces
  43. Uniparous
    Female who has had only one child
  44. Xerostomia
    Dryness of the mouth resulting from diminished or arrestes salivery secretion
  45. Xerotes
  46. Zoonosis
    The transmission of a disease from an animal or nonhuman species to humans. The natural reservoir is a nonhuman animal.
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