1. "War to end all wars"
    World War I
  2. The Triple Alliance
    • 1. Austria-Hungary
    • 2. Germany
    • 3. Italy
  3. The Triple Entente
    • 1. France
    • 2. Russia
    • 3. Britain
  4. 5 Causes of WWI
    • 1. Alliances
    • 2. Economic Imperialism
    • 3. Nationalism
    • 4. Militarism
    • 5. International Anarchy
  5. What European country was not in either World War?
  6. Germany's emperor_________, wanted territory on the ____________ (aka _____________)
    • 1. William I
    • 2. Mediterranean Sea Coast
    • 3. Morocco
  7. small national groups that wanted to rule themselves (colonies)
  8. France wanted _________ & ___________ back from Germany.
    Alsace and Lorraine
  9. By 1914, countries in Europe had ________ military.
    compulsory (or draft)
  10. What was the only country w/o a draft?
  11. WWI began in ________.
  12. final straw on the camel's back that began WWI was over ____________________.
    Austria-Hungary's ownership of Bosnia & Hertzegovenia.
  13. Capital of Bosnia, where WWI started.
  14. who was killed when he was shot heading to the hospital to see a guard of his who was killed when a bomb was thrown at his motorcade to the godwill mission?
    Archduke Ferdinand (Aust.-Hun.)
  15. Secret Serbian society
    The Black Hand
  16. Serb who shot Archduke and wife
  17. 1st ultimatum: (July 26)
    • Aust.-Hun. gave 48 hr. ultim. for Serb.
    • -this would give Serbia to Aust.-Hun.
  18. 2nd Ultimatum: (July 28)
    • Aust-Hun declared war on Serbia
    • -Russia wanted Balcan, so they prepared to help Serbia
    • -Germany was preparing to help Aust.-Hun.
  19. 3rd Ultimatum (July 30)
    • Germany sent 12 hr. ultim. to Russia to cease mobilization.
    • -Germany declared war on Russia
    • -Germany feared a 2-front war
    • -France- western front
  20. 4th Ultimatum (Aug 1)
    Germany sent 24-hour ultim. to France to declare themselves neutral
  21. 5th Ultimatum (Aug. 2)
    • Germany declared war on France
    • -Germany brought the 2-front war on itself
    • -Germany had a plan (Schlieffen Plan)
    • -Sent diversion-troops
    • -Planned to make a surprise attack on Fra.
    • -Asked Belgium if they could march throught their country... NO!
    • -Couldn't b/c of Grarantee of 1839
    • -Fra. found out the plan
  22. Schlieffen Plan
    Germany decided to knock France out fast (Russia wouldn't be ready, they'd have France out of the way and could fight Russia alone)
  23. What date did Germany march into Britain?
    August 3rd.
  24. Starting date of WWI
    Aug. 4th
  25. 4 Allied Powers (at beggining of war)
    • 1. Russia
    • 2. Serbia
    • 3. Britain (and Japan)
    • 4. France
  26. 3 Central Powers (at beggining of war)
    • 1. Germany
    • 2. Austria- Hungary
    • 3. Turkey
  27. Everyone thought this war would be a _______ war.
  28. 1 million man army
  29. 100,000 man army
  30. 1.5 million man army
  31. Battle:
    -Germans were stopped
    -Trench warfare
    -Lasted 3 yrs./ neither side gained more than 10 miles
    -1.4 million casualties in 1st 4 mo.
    -Germans knew Russia mobilized fast
    1st Battle of the Marne
  32. -2 battles in east btwn Germany & Russia
    -both learned lessons
    -Germany:they didn't have to worry too much abt the eastern front
    -Russia:they didn't want to fight Germany & realized how weak Nicholas (tsar) was
    Tannenberg and Mansuria
  33. In 1915, who joined Allied Powers b/c of promisses made by GB?
  34. Who went to the Central Powers side?
  35. 1st time chemical warfare used (Germany had good chem. industry)
    Battle of Ypres
  36. British cruise ship that was sank by central powers. Germans claimed it had contraband on it.
  37. Turkey had grown weak and was known as the 'sick man of Europe' and GB wanted to take it.
    Gallipoli Campaign
  38. British PM
    Winston Churchill
  39. leader in charge of Gallipoli (saved it).
    Mustafa Kemal
  40. 4 Central Power Positives:
    • 1. Bulgaria joined
    • 2. Chemical weapons
    • 3. Subs
    • 4. Gallipoli
  41. Home to German navy
  42. Jutland was the only _________ battle in WWI.
  43. German battleships met British battleships in ________
    North Sea
  44. Longest, bloodiest battle of WWI
    It protects Paris
    Battle of Verdun
  45. New leader of Verdun
  46. French motto for the Battle of Verdun:
    'they shall not pass'
  47. Who won the Battle of Verdun?
  48. Battle w/ highest single day casualties in WWI or WWII (GB lost 60,000 that day)
    Battle of Somme
  49. War effects on the home front:
    war weary, food rations, women worked hard (gained voting and respect), troops weary too
  50. Germany hired this man to revamp Ger., Indus. mngr., German Jew, it worked!
  51. Britain hired
  52. France hired
  53. 'That kindly, stupid man'
    poor leadership of Nicholas II
  54. -factory workers on strike
    -troops sent to end strike, join
    -Nicholas ordered Duma dissolved
    -Duma fired Nicholas
    Food Riots
  55. Removed Czar from power
    1st Revolution in Russia
  56. Temporary government officials
    Lvov and Kerensky
  57. what movement was growing in Russia saying that they wanted to pull out of the war but temp. gov't said 'NO!'
  58. 2 marxist leaders- planned 2nd Russian Revolution (Oct. 1917)
    Lenin and Trotsky
  59. Who was the 3rd leader Lenin and Trotsky added
  60. What group was in charge of Russia post-Revolution
  61. Russian group that wanted imidiate, violent revolution
  62. Russian group that wanted slow, peaceful revolution
  63. Purpose of this was to throw out Czar
    Revolution 1
  64. Communism/ Socialism introduced in this
    Revolution 2
  65. ________ wanted to pull Russia out of war.
  66. Lenin had to make a treaty w/ ________ so they wouldn't invade
  67. Treaty proposed by Russia and signed by Germany
    Brest-Litovsk Treaty
  68. Terms of Brest-Litovsk Treaty
    • Russia: lost Poland, Finland, Ukrane, etc & 80% of coal, iron-ore
    • Germany: wouldn't invade Russia
  69. Civil War broke out in Russia between _____ _______ & _____ ______.
    Red Russians & White Russians
  70. Red Russians
    Bolsheviks name in Russia's Civil War
  71. White Russians
    Minsheviks, supporters of the Czar, allied powers, all opposed to the treaty
  72. Lenin put ________ (good military leader) in charge & Red Russians won after 2 years
  73. __________ pulled out of war so Germany had no Eastern threat
  74. ________ decided they were so strong that they could resume sub warfare
  75. What was the date that the US entered the war?
    April 6, 1917
  76. Whose entry into the war brought fresh supplies and troops into the war?
  77. The name of the proposal by president Woodrow Wilson
    The 14 Points
  78. US President during WW1
    Woodrow Wilson
  79. Two main points in the 14 Points by Woodrow Wilson
    • 1) Self determination of ppl- ppl should have a right to choose a gov't of their own (also means colonies become independent)
    • 2) There should be a place where ppl can talk out problems peacefully (to get rid of International Anarchy)
  80. 2 main German military leaders:
    Ludendorff & Hindenburg
  81. Allies halted Ludendorff at ___________ ____________
    Chateau Thierry
  82. US military leader who captured Ludendorff @ Chateau Thierry
    John J Pershing
  83. surrendered in Oct. 1918
    Aust. Hung.
  84. Mutiny in Germ. military & uprising of Germ. ppl against _______ _________ ___ & declared a ____________ gov't.
    • 1) Kaiser Wilhelm II
    • 2) representative
  85. means to 'cease fire'
  86. Armistice called on this date
    Nov. 11, 1918
  87. how many dead?
    10 mil.
  88. how many wounded
    20 mil.
  89. Dollar loss and economic dollar loss?
    • $180 bill. loss
    • $270 bill. economic loss
  90. Paris 1919
    Peace Conference
  91. How many allied countries were there total?
  92. Who were the big 4 allied nations?
    • 1)US- (Woodrow Wilson)
    • 2)France- (George Clemenceau)
    • 3)Britain- (David Lloyd George)
    • 4)Italy- (Victorio Orlando)
  93. Leader of US during war
    Woodrow Wilson
  94. Leader of France
    George Clemenceau
  95. Leader of Britain
    David Lloyd George
  96. Leader of Italy
    Victorio Orlando
  97. ________ & ___________ were out for REVENGE, they didn't want the 14 points
    Britain & France
  98. Instead of making ____ tready for the end of the war, the allies ____________________.
    1 treaty for all defeated powers, one treaty for each defeated power
  99. 4 terms that were in all defeated powers treaties:
    • 1. lost colonies
    • 2. lost land gained in war
    • 3. reduced military
    • 4. pay some war damages
  100. 2 old countries recreated:
    Poland & Hungary (as it's own country)
  101. 2 new countries created:
    Yugoslavia & Czechoslovakia
  102. The name of the treaty that Germany had to sign
    Treaty of Versailles
  103. Terms of the
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