Career Management Vocabulary 2.00

  1. Accountability
    Willingness to take credit and blame for actions
  2. Civil Rights Act of 1964
    Gave the government a strong legal tool to prevent job discrimination
  3. Conflict
    A clash between hostile or opposing elements, ideas, forces
  4. Conflict Resolution
    A problem-solving strategy for settling disputes
  5. Constructive Criticism
    Criticism that is presented in a way that can help you learn and grow
  6. Cross-Functional Team
    A group of people from different departments or areas working together
  7. Defensiveness
    Putting up an emotional guard against negative opinion
  8. Discrimination
    Unequal treatment based on such factors as race, religion, nationality, gender, age, or physical appearance
  9. Diversity
  10. Etiquette
    Having good manners in your dealing with people
  11. Ethics
    The principles of conduct that govern a group or society
  12. Feedback
    A listener's response that tells a sender that the message is understood
  13. Functional Team
    A group of people from one department or area working together
  14. Initiative
    Doing what needs to be done and doing it without being told
  15. Interpersonal Skills
    Skills that propers relationships with other people
  16. Leadership
    Inspiring and influencing others
  17. Mediation
    To act as an inteimediary
  18. Memo
    An informal corresponding within an organization
  19. Negative
    Not constructive or helpful
  20. Non-verbal Communication
    Communicating without use of words
  21. Professionalism
    Handling problems and criticism gracefully and maturely
  22. Punctual
    Being on time
  23. Self-discipline
    Training of oneself
  24. Self-management
    Doing the things necessary to build a better career
  25. Sexual Harassment
    Any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature
  26. Stereotype
    An over-simplified and distorted belief about a person or group
  27. Tact
    Ability to say and do things in a way that will not offend another person
  28. Team
    Group of people who work together
  29. Verbal
    Communicating with words
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