Non-Plaque Gingival Lesions

  1. list 3 viral causes of non-plaque induced gingival lesions
    primary HSV, recurrent HSV, herpes zoster
  2. list 3 fungal causes of non-plaque induced gingival lesions
    candidiasis, linear gingival erythema, histoplasmosis
  3. list a genetic cause of non-plaque induced gingival lesion
    hereditary gingival fibromatosis
  4. list a bacterial cause of non-plaque induced gingival lesion
    infective gingivitis and stomatitis
  5. list 5 systemic causes of non-plaque induced gingivitis
    • 1. lichen planus
    • 2. pemphigoid
    • 3. pemphigus vulgaris
    • 4. erythema multiforme
    • 5. lupus erythematosus
  6. list 4 bacteria involved in non-plaque induced gingival lesions
    • 1. n. gonorrhea
    • 2. t. pallidum
    • 3. streptococci
    • 4. m. chelonae
  7. what is the key symptom of a primary HSV gingival lesion?
    ulcerations with serofibrinous exudate
  8. what are the symptoms and differential diagnosis of recurrent HSV gingival lesions?
    • symptoms: ulcers at vermillion border, attached gingiva or hard palate
    • differential: aphthous ulcers are not on keratinized mucosa
  9. herpes zoster remains latent where?
    latent in dorsal root ganglion and 2nd/3rd trigeminal branches
  10. what does candidiasis cause and what are the signs?
    candidiasis causes Thrush: pseudomembranous (white precipitate) and erosive erythematous (yellowish edema)
  11. what is the key feature of linear gingival erythema?
    distinct red band limited to free gingiva and lack of BOP
  12. describe the pathology of histoplasmosis
    granulomatous disease causing caseous necrosis in any area of the oral mucosa
  13. define hereditary gingival fibromatosis
    only genetic disorder to cause gingival enlargement and displaces teeth.
  14. describe the classic sign of lichen planus
    wickham striae: white lace-like appearance
  15. define pemphigoid
    autoantibody reaction against hemidesmosomes and lamina lucida that causes detachment of the epithelium from CT
  16. define pemphigus vulgaris
    • acantholysis: breakdown of the spinous cell layer
    • -also: mediterranean and jewish background
  17. describe erythema multiforme
    • - bullae rupture and leave extensive ulcers
    • - bulls-eye lesions
    • - swollen lips
    • - crust on vermillion border
  18. describe lupus erythematosus
    • - autoimmune CT disorder (assoc. with Marfan's)
    • - clincally: central atrophic area surrounded by irradiating fine white striae with a periphery of enlarged capillaries
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