plant path midterm 2

  1. name of root knot nem.
  2. Name of cyst nem.
    Heterodera spp.
  3. name of a migratory ectoparasite
  4. Aphelenchoides
    Foliar nem.
  5. Ditylenchos
    stem bulb nem.
  6. Heterodera
    Cyst nem.
  7. Meloidogyne
    root knot nem.
  8. Pratylenchus
    lesion nem.
  9. opposite of spontaneous generation
    germ theory
  10. opposite of parasites
    Free living organism
  11. opposite of infectious
  12. three componants of disease triangle
    suseptable host, environment, pathogen
  13. three key words in definition of symptom
    host expression of disease
  14. one word for signs
    pathogen (is present)
  15. with cyst nem. what kind mechanism is used to form their feeding structure
    females for syncytia which are formed by the digestion of the cell wall
  16. with root knot nem. what kind of mechanism is used to form their feeding structure
    by creating giant cells through inhibition of cell division
  17. reversable atate in which nem. 's metabolism nearly stops un der harsh conditions
  18. genus name of cyst nem.
  19. what crop is used as a non nem. host
    corn, nem pop. decreases w/o host plant
  20. what is a letant peroid
    the period between acquisition and transmittable
  21. 4 out of 5 survival methods for parasitic nem.
    Cyst, soil, cryptobiotic state, perrenial plants
  22. what is the difference between a trap crop and a decoy crop
    trap crop are planted to germinte witchweed, then plowed over

    decoy crop stimulate germination but are not suseptable to witchweed infection
  23. Host for TMV
    Tobacco, tomato, solanceous
  24. hosts for barley yellow dwarf
    barley,oats, wheat, maize rice and grasses
  25. soybean cyst nem hosts
    soybean and other legumes
  26. Hosts for lesion nem
    400 hosts including fruit crops , monocots, peanut and potato
  27. host of root knot
    hundreds of speies including fruit crops, grasses, veg, and weeds
  28. hosts for broomrapes
    brassica, , legumes, solanaceous, sunflower
  29. host for dodders
    alfalfa and cranberry
  30. host for witchweeds
    corn millet rice sorgum and sugarcane
  31. host for mistletoe
    hardwood trees conifers
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