Pitot / Static Flight Instruments

  1. What three instruments operate off of the pitot/static system?
    1. Altimeter

    2. Vertical Speed Indicator

    3. Airspeed Indicator
  2. absolute altitude
    the verticle distance of an aircraft about the terrain
  3. indicated altitude
    the altitude read off of the altimeter after it is set to the current altimter setting
  4. pressure altitude
    the altitude when the altimeter is adjusted to 29.92
  5. what is pressure altitude used for ?
    1. true airspeed

    2. density altitude

    3. true airspeed
  6. true altitude
    the true verticle distance of the aicraft above sea level
  7. What three factors from the aeronautical charts are found in true altitude ?
    1. airport

    2. terrain

    3. obstacle elevations
  8. density altitude
    pressure altitude corrected for nonstandard temperature variations
  9. What three relations does density altitude have?
    1. relation to takeoff

    2. relation to climb

    3. relation to landing performance
  10. What is the one limitation to the airspeed indicator ?
    it requires proper airflow to the static port and the pitot tube
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