Vocab 7

  1. Abhor
    • to shrink away from with horror; disgust for, hate very very much
    • Syn: to horrify; loathe, detest, abominate
    • Ant: adore
  2. Advent
    • a coming or arrival, especially of something infrequent or unusually important
    • Syn arrival, start, dawn
    • Ant: departure
  3. Alleviate
    • to lessen or lighten; diminish
    • Syn: relieve, allay, mitigate
    • Ant: aggrivate
  4. Anathema
    • a person or thing that is utterly detested or condemned, a curse or imprecation
    • Syn: malediction, taboo
    • Ant: acceptable allow
  5. Animosity
    • active dislike or enmity
    • Syn: hostility, hate
    • Ant: goodwill
  6. Antipathy
    • a strong or fixed dislike; aversion
    • Syn: repugnance, abhorrence, disgust
    • ANt: affection
  7. Audacity
    • reckless daring; boldness
    • Syn: presumption, effrontery, confidence, intrepidity
    • Ant: cowardice
  8. Austere
    • sten in manner or appearance; harsh
    • Syn: grave, sober, serious, unadorned, rigorous, relentless, severe
    • Ant: fussy
  9. Avarice
    • too great a desire to acquire money or property; greed
    • Syn: avidity, cupidity
    • Ant: generosity
  10. Cantor
    the person who leads the singing of a choir or congregation
  11. Compunction
    • uneasiness of the mind because of wrong doing
    • Syn: regret, remorse, contrition
  12. Deposit
    to put down; lay down
  13. Derogatory
    • showing an unfavorable opinion of some person or thing; lessening the value
    • Syn: disparaging; belittle; detracting
  14. Despotic
    • A person who wields power oppressively; a tyrant.
    • Syn: oppresive; tyrannical
    • Ant:restricted; compliant; complaisant; submissive; yielding
  15. Disparaging
  16. Effigy
    an image or statue, usually of a person
  17. Encounter
    • to meet unexpectedly, a meeting of enemies
    • Syn: engage, conflict, combat, skirmish
    • Ant: avoid
  18. Enmity
    • the feeling that enemies have for each other; hostility or hatred
    • Syn: animosity, antipathy
    • ANt: friendliness
  19. Entreat
    • to keep asking earnestly; beg and pray; implore
    • Syn: beseech, supplicate
  20. Ephemeral
    • lasting for only a very short time; transitory
    • Syn: evanescent, transient
    • Ant: lasting, permanent
  21. Fantastic
    • very odd or queer, very fanciful; capricious; eccentric; irrational
    • Syn: freakish, bizarre, grotesque, fabulous, imaginary, real, authentic
    • Ant: tiny, plausible, normal, awful
  22. Gratify
    • to give pleasure to; please
    • Syn: satisfy, indulge, delight
    • Ant: displease
  23. Haphazard
    not planned; random
  24. Literate
    • able to read and write; educated; literary
    • Syn: lettered
    • Ant: iliterate, unlearned
  25. Naive
    • simple in nature; like a child; not sophisticated; artless; unconditioned
    • Syn: unaffected, natural, open, sincere
    • Ant: sophisticated
  26. Orthodox
    • generally accepted, especially in religion
    • Syn: canonical, conventional, standard
    • Ant: unorthodox, progressive unconventional, unusual
  27. Prototype
    • the first or primary type of anything; original or model
    • Syn: archetype
  28. Ruthless
    • having no pity; showing no mercy; cruel
    • Syn: hard-hearted, relentless, merciless, pitiless
    • Ant: merciful
  29. Subterfuge
    • a trick, excuse, or expedient used to escape something unpeasant
    • Syn: artifice, ruse
    • Ant: open
  30. Superfluous
    • more than is needed or desired; excessive; surplus
    • Ant: necessary
  31. Surfeit
    • an excessive amount of something; too much; excess
    • Syn: glut, gorge
    • Ant: deficit
  32. Tenet
    • a doctrine, principle belief, or opinion held as true by a school, sect, party, or person
    • Syn: dogma, persuasion
  33. Trite
    • worn out by constant use or repetition
    • SYn: commonplace; hackneyed; stereotyped; banal; stale
    • Ant: original
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