glacial movements

  1. temperature in toroto during the last glacial stage?
    2 -2.5 c warmer
  2. when was the last interglacial stage when was it?
    125 00 years ago
  3. first ice age on earth?
    2.3 billion years ago
  4. whats the name of the first ice age?
  5. what were the 3 main areas in canada that were flooded?
    quebec guelf of st lawrence hudson bay
  6. name two sheets that covered cananda in the last glacial stage
    the cordillerian and laurentide
  7. terminal morains and drumines both have _______ types of rock?
    unsorted big rocks
  8. kames have what type of rock?
    sorted fine sands and gravels
  9. eskers and kame morains have what type of sediment?
    rounded sediment
  10. trail have what type of sediment?
  11. in a regular glacier does the ice move towards or away from the termins?
  12. define terminus
    the end point
  13. the name for depressions that have small ponds and are formed by the melting of large blocks of ice?
  14. what type of feature is formed by stagnant rocks?
    terminal moraines
  15. main reason for ice ages?
    cyclical vibrations
  16. the name of 2 ridges that come to gether?
  17. name of 3 ridges that come together?
  18. what was the larges ice sheet?
    northern europe
  19. how much lower was the sea level in the last glacial stage?
  20. how high was the sea level in the last glacial stage?
    10- 3 m
  21. what is the present glacial stage?
    late censoic
  22. when did the cenzonic interglacial time period begin?
    40 million years ago
  23. whats was the name of the last glacial stage?
  24. the quatecnary peroid began when
    ice started to form in canada
  25. when did the quatncy peroid begin?
    2-2.5 billion years ago
  26. what is the term used to describ the term for land that is rising after ice retrieval?
    isostatic rebound
  27. what is the movement of ice?
    ice either slides or creeps
  28. what is a roche?
    streamlined features that cut into rock forming a gentil smooth side and a rugged side
  29. the names of the zones betewwn the snowline
    • a accumulation
    • b ablation
  30. what is the name for a vally that is perched upontop of another valley
    hanging valleys
  31. whats do we call fine glaciation marks on rocks?
  32. what do we call ridges that once extended into valleys and had their ends cut off by ice?
    tunnicated spurs
  33. tunnicated spurs are shpapped like?
    interlocked mountains
  34. what is the name for the feature that is laid down by glacial ice?
  35. what is the name for glaciated valleys whos floors have been drowned out
  36. what is the name for rocks and fragments that are carried by glacial diposits and are seen as unfitting?
  37. what is the name of the moraine system in canada?
    drummer moraine
  38. what is developed by deep valleys created by melt water?
    spill ways
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