Vocab Unit 5

  1. Accomplice
    noun: a person who takes part in a crime
  2. Annihilate
    verb: to destroy completely
  3. Arbitrary
    adj: ureasonable; based on ones wishes or whims without regard for reason or fairness
  4. Brazen
    adj: shameless, impudent; made of brass
  5. Catalyst
    noun: a substance that causes or hastens a chemical reaction; any agent that causes change
  6. Exodus
    noun: a large-scale departure or flight
  7. Facilitate
    verb: to make easier; to assist
  8. Incorrigible
    adj: not able to be corrected; beyond control
  9. Latent
    adj: hidden; present but not realized
  10. Militant
    • adj: given to fighting; active and aggressive in support of a cause
    • noun: an activist
  11. Morose
    adj: having a gloomy or sullen manner; not friendly or sociable
  12. Opaque
    adj: not letting light through; not clear or lucid; dense, stupid
  13. Paramount
    adj: chief in importance, above all others
  14. Prattle
    • verb: to talk in an aimless, foolish, or simple way; to babble
    • noun: baby talk; babble
  15. Rebut
    verb: to offer arguments or evidence that contradicts an assertion; to refute
  16. Reprimand
    • verb: to scold; find fault with
    • noun: a rebuke
  17. Servitude
    noun: slavery, forced labor
  18. Slapdash
    adj: careless and hastey
  19. Stagnant
    adj: not running or flowing; foul from standing still; inactive, sluggish, dull
  20. Succumb
    verb: to give way to superior force, yield
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