BM1 Test

  1. A statndard outline that lists all of the sections in a lesson plan.
    Lesson Plan Outline Template (LPO)
  2. The training to be conducted at a unit.
    Unit Trainig Plan (UTP)
  3. The training requirements that must be completed by a specified date.
    Job Qualification Requirement (JQR)
  4. A team of crewmembers that evaluates drills and exercises.
    Onboard Training Team (OBTT)
  5. Training that must be done at the workplace.
    On-The-Job-Training (OJT)
  6. Senior members of the crew that will train, mentor, evaluate, and participate as members of the training board.
    Personal Qualification System (PQS) Qualifier
  7. Electronic form used for scheduling training to be accomplished quarterly
  8. How far in advance should the unit training plan be established?
    1 Month
  9. Which training plan identifies time slots for scheduled drills, day of the week training will be held, type of training, where it will be held, provides lesson plan outline (LPO), instructor, and if there is an evaluation?
    Weekly Training Plan
  10. How many times a week is training recommended?
    Once a week
  11. CG-5288
    Weekly training plan
  12. CG-5289
    Departmental Training Record
  13. Where is the LPO found?
    Navy PQS manuals (NAVEDTRA 43354B)
  14. What type of order is the LPOs listed in the Navy PQS Manuals?
    Numerical order, by subject
  15. Depending on your unit, who may be members of a training board?
    XO/XPO, TO/TPO, Departmental Heads, ESO, Damage Control Assistant, Corpsman (if assigned), Coxswain/Surfman, ATON supervisor (if assigned)
  16. What establishes unit training policy and priorities, periodically reviews and modifies training policies and programs, defines unit needs, prepares and manages the unit training plan by scheduling cutter drills and exercises, and ensures that the onboard training teams (OBTTs) are in place and functioning?
    Training boards
  17. Who approves the unit training plan and provides appropriate level of guidance to ensure that cutter personnel recieve the quantity and quality of training needed to carry out assigned missions?
  18. Who serves as chairman of training boards, Coordinates the training of junior officers, monitors unit training plan, appoints and supervises the TO/TPO, and publishes scheduled training services in the plan of the week?
  19. Who annotates the unit training plan to reflect what training was actually accomplished, ensures that the unit training plan complies with commandant instructions, maintains a record of formal school graduates, record of GMT and PQS/JQR qualified personnel?
  20. Who recieves, adiministers, and forwards correspondence testing material?
    ESO (educational services officer)
  21. If a unit is without an ESO who coordinates educational services through the Sector, Area District, or parent unit?
  22. Who ensures departmental training and PQS/JQR programs for his/her department are established and implemented?
    Department Head
  23. Who ensures the assignment of an instructor for each departmental training period, monitors effectiveness of instruction, provides appropriate guidance and feedback?
    Division Offficer
  24. An overall plan of training to be accomplished in a quarter or year for the department is?
    Departmental Training Plan
  25. Who are the individuals designated by a department as the training petty officers?
  26. The rank of a unit training petty officer is?
    an E-6 or above
  27. What are the 4 steps in establishing a quarterly lesson plan?
    • 1) Develop a list of instructors and/or a chart listing the instructors and their qualifications.
    • 2) Develope a list of topics to be covered by your department.
    • 3) Merge the list of instructors with the list of topics and prepare a tentative schedule if applicable.
    • 4) Submit the tentative schedule or plan to the XO/XPO or TPO so it will be posted.
  28. Where is a completed departmental training document located?
    Departmental training record.
  29. Where are individual training records maintained and by whom?
    Folder CG-5285 by the TPO/ATPO.
  30. How are individual training records structured?
    • Inside the front cover is the completed indoct checkoff sheets.
    • Section I- Copies of certification letters of administrative remarks.
    • Section II- Fomal school completion letters or certificates.
    • Section III- Copies of correspondence related to advancement or promotion.
    • Section IV- Record of lectures attended on GMT.
    • Section V- Miscellaneos training records.
  31. All members shall ____ _____ their training records between units.
    Hand Carry
  32. Upon permenant change of station (PCS), training records will be ______ and ____ _______ by the member to the new command.
    • Sealed
    • Hand Carried
  33. How long are completed PQS signoffs sheets and letters or certification maintained?
  34. When must a members record be updated?
    Once each semiannual period.
  35. 4 duties of a TPO/ATPO
    • 1) Develop a training plan.
    • 2) Implement the plan.
    • 3) Develop lesson plan.
    • 4) Document the training results.
  36. (Lesson Plan Outline) Description, state objectives, recall information or prerequisites, knowledge.
  37. (Lesson Plan Outline) Provide feedback, test, enhance retention.
  38. (Lesson Plan Outline) Present the information, provide learning guidance.
  39. Who will document their own training record?
  40. What are the 3 ways departmental training records may be documented?
    • Depatmental training record CG form 5289
    • Training record reports, AOPS/TMT
    • Unit designed form and /or database
  41. What are the 3 main stages of the CG Boat Crew training and certification program?
    • Qualification
    • Certification
    • Currency/Profficiency maintenance
  42. A formal process used by the command to examine and attest to an individual's proffesional qualifications and maturity is?
  43. In the absence of a heavy weather coxswain or surfman at the unit, the ______ is responsible for verifying performance for heavy weather and surfman tasks to standard.
  44. The _________________ ___________ assures the command that the individual, once certified, stays proficient.
    Currency/Profficiency requirement
  45. Who may rescind certifications?
  46. Where are currency and maintenance procedures found?
    Chapt 5 of the U.S. Coast Guard operations and training (boat) manual (COMDTINST M16114.32)
  47. Who is responsible for analyzing local needs and promulgating any additional requirements for certification at the unit?
    Unit Commanders
  48. Who has final authority for certifying boat crewmembers?
    Unit Commanders
  49. What are the 3 qualifications an auxiliarist not be assigned?
    Coxswain, , heavy weather coxswain, or surfman
  50. Who shall be certified as a coxswain, heavy weather coxswain, or surfman at a station?
    COs, OICs, XPOs, Supervisors, and Senior BMs
  51. How long do previously qualified command personnel have to recertify at their new unit?
    • 6 months of reporting
    • COs/XPOs have 12 months
  52. Who may be part of a COs/OICs initial recertification and on what bases?
    Sector Department heads based on an examination of the individuals competency, experience, and background.
  53. Medical situation of a temporary nature are defined as conditions that preclude a member from boat operations for a period of not more than __________.
    12 months
  54. The Boat Crew Examination Board (BCEB) should consist of who?
    Atleast one experienced engineer, one experienced coxswain, if applicable an experienced heavy weather coxswain/surfman.
  55. What are the two exemptions of not getting certified in accordance with the requirements set forth in the coast guard operations and training (boat) Manual?
    Temporary duty and Interim Certification.
  56. When a unit recieves a new "type" boat on which no one has been previously qualified or certified the units CO/OIC shall designate, via interim certification letters, a core group of the units ________________ certified coxswain, engineer, and crew member.
    Most experienced
  57. Certifications will lapse upon either of the following?
    • PCS transfer
    • Failure to meet the minimum currency requirements
  58. To recertify, the following must be successfully accomplished.
    • Pass PT
    • Underway area familiarization excercise
    • Check ride
    • Oral exam by BCEB
  59. Identify five boat crew levels of certification-
    • Boat Crew Member
    • Engineer
    • Coxswain
    • Heavy weather Coxswain
    • Surfman
  60. List 3 main stages in the CG Boat Crew training and certification program-
    • Qualification
    • Certification
    • Currency/Profficiency Maintenance
  61. Who will designate the chairman of the BCEB?
  62. Skills and attributes to observe during a coxswains check ride are:
    • Departure Planning
    • Crew brief
    • Area Fam
    • Nav and Piloting
    • Plotting and Search Patterns
    • Boat handling
    • Towing
    • P.I.W. recovery
    • Engineering casualty control
    • Judgement
    • Leadership
    • Use of rescue and survival gear
  63. What are the 2 main duties of the BCEB?
    Interview canidate and evaluate their leadership ability, judgement, maturity, and knowledge.

    Provide the unit commander a written report on the individual that recommends or doesnt recommend certification.
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