1. rank the following restorative materials from most radiopaque 1 to least radiopaque or radiolucent 4
    __gutta percha
    __acrylic restorations
    __stainless steel crown
    • 2 gutta percha
    • 4 acrylic restorations
    • 1 amalgam
    • 3 stainless steel crown
  2. which of the following appear equally radiopaque on a dental radiograph

    A. gold crowns and amalgam
  3. which of the following is most radiopaque

    D. amalgam
  4. which of the following is least radiopaque

    B. acrylic
  5. which of the following describes how gold can be distinguished from amalgam on a dental radiograph

    B. gold margins are smooth and regular
  6. describe the difference between a gold crown and a stainless steel crown as viewed on a dental radiograph
    gold is more radiopaque
  7. describe the difference between gutta percha and silver points as viewed on a dental radiograph
    silver points are more radiopaque
  8. discuss the importance of interpreting dental radiographs with the patient present
    answer any questions and education
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