CHAPTER 10 questons

  1. whoes polocy was the embargo act of 1807?
    it was Jeffersons polocy.
  2. what is the treaty of the Ghent?
    The treaty of the ghent Ended the war of 1812!
  3. who was francis scott Key?
    francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner.
  4. who is Pike?
    Pike was a man who travled from 1805-1806 went up the missisipi river and then returned back
  5. who was sacagawea?
    Sacagawea was a woman who helped lewis and clark on their expidition. She got kidnaped on a British ship.
  6. what is the louisiana purchace?

    what is the lewisiana purchace?
    the lewisiana purchace is when it was origionaly 15 million dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!! But only 3 cents per acer! France then offered us double the size of the U.S.
  7. what was the Lewis and clark expidition?
    its when they travled all the way from st Lewis all the way up to fort Clatsop
  8. Who were william clark and meriwether Lewis?
    they were explorers who went on an expidition
  9. what is the impressment?
    The impressment was when they forced Americans to work on Brittish ships
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CHAPTER 10 questons
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